Welcome to PrettyOrganicGirl.com

I am passionated and motivated to respect and protect of our planet. Our environment, land we live in, air we breath and water we are in contact everyday and our health are results of our actions. I believe our actions, are powerful  and when are combined come make extraordinary things. I believe in making the best choice for us, our families and rewarding environmentally responsible companies with our wallets and entusiasm will encourage others to follow similar path. Motivating even more companies to choose that direction.


We have power in our choices. 

When is choosing recycled paper knowing that is not responsable for deforestation, LED bulbs that are less energy consuming and cheaper bills, bio products that won't accumulate in our landfill, natural ingredients, USDA certified Products, GOTS certified cotton,  we are making a change that will directly improve our health, production, the industry and the environment.

Everyone has this power, especially women since we are considered important consumers who buy for our families and with our continuous buying decisions making,  our continous education process we are  shaping the market, the demand for better products.

It is great to assist that more and more people are becoming aware of this impact  and their choice is not a passive action manipulated by disieving marketing moves, but on the contrary people are empowered and educated and their choice  are motivated by their knoledgw with the result that rewards them,  companies that respect us, our communities, cities, our environment.


PrettyOrganicGirl.com  brings smarts and powerful consumers like you and diligents companies under the same roof. You will find here only companies and eco-entrepreneurs that I respect and agree with their vision personally. You will find only the best and most eco-friendly products or services of their kind here and you will learn a lot about them, from organic beauty care, organic food, organic clothing, organic products, organic restaurants and services.

It is great to respect  companies that respect us! 

That is what I do,  that's is why I created this platform!