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Welcome and congratulations on your newer sustainable path for your brand!!

It is amazing to see how many companies like you want to know more about a sustainable, eco-friendly practice on how to turn your products and production more eco-friendly~

My consultations are for any brand category, cosmetics, food, beauty products, clothing, home products, and services such as restaurants, dry cleaners, nail salons, spa and massage, hair salons, fashion mega brands.

I have consulted brands such as Chanel, Sekan Beauty, New Zealand Water,  Honey Girls Organics, Z-Shoes, Bonnie Bio, Umberto hair salon in Beverly Hills, and more. I am so excited to turn your company more green.  newer brand, dry cleaners in LA.


To help you better embrace a greener practice and to help you make the right transformation, I am  launching my new service designed just for the brand!

It will give you my knowledge and experience, so you can make safer choices and invest in the best strategy to attract more customers!

The world is evolving so it is the demand of consumers. Consumers are more educated than ever and they demand transparency and honesty, 2 important factors to establish trust. Something that you as a brand as to considered as sacred.

With information available 24 hours, people eager to learn, consumers make decisions based on their research and information the brand is able to provide them.

My consultation program will guide you step by step on how to gain more visibility in a dynamic and emerging organic world,  reinforce your consumer relations, and win newer customer trust, an overall win in a competitive market.

For example,  finding the ingredients list easy to access on the website, is the first step for people to analyze your products or service and make the quick changes to turn your products brand from conventional swimming in a red ocean, (marketing expression, to a blue ocean. That is where you want to be to stand up from your competition.

In my consultation programs you will learn:

1. How to build TRUST straight on your web products, showing that you have nothing to hide!

2. Sustainability on sourcing material

3. What is the problem you were able to solve as a consumer: your story

4. What is the difference with other brands, why they should choose you.

5. How to avoid controversial ingredients that create contrast

6. How to avoid being flagged as greenwashing brand

7. Learning the certifications  increase chance to be found online

8. Material and, packaging and shipping

9. What you are doing to preserve the environment and your future goals: where are you know and where your you going 

10.Finally how to increase your sales!

From conventional to organic approch

My online service will allow me to guide you, assist you better, and I can reach even more of you at the same time!

There will be a launch of my online courses, where you will learn all the tricks and tips on how to avoid being classified as a toxic, conventional brand, or a tricky misleading greenwashing brand, and learn how to be honest, trustable safe brands, and products that deserve our attention.


It would be designed to pass onto you my knowledge and experience, so you can learn about product analysis and label checking. So you can immediately know if a product is safe or not! No guessing, no wondering!

Once you complete the online program, you would finally be able to spot and recognize a safe product from a toxic one, read an ingredient list, make your judgment, and finally then make the right purchase.

Your knowledge will give you the confidence that brings you to make the safest choices for you, your family, and the environment. You would be investing in the healthiest products. You will know your money will finally be well invested!

Plus you would be able to recognize a safe product quickly, so you will save time while shopping online and in stores!


There is more!

Once your brand completes the program I will list your products on my IG and blog for free!

My blog is ranked number one when searching for organic and eco-friendly products and services.

Can't wait to see happen to your brand as well

Welcome to the amazing organic world!




Company Consultations

starting at $1500