Bonnie Bio Cling Wrap Waste Roll

💖I am so excited to introduce you to this amazing sustainable company that came out to reduce plastic pollution.​ Bonnie Bio Corn PLA Certified compostable Perforated Cling wrap roll:

  • Bonnie Bio's certified compostable and biodegradable products are made from natural corn and vegetable ingredients with no chemical additives to ensure non-toxicity and allow for complete composting, yet they are as sturdy as plastic. These products are incredibly environmentally friendly as they break down back to CO2, water, and biomass, which are renewable resources, and they don’t leak any toxins into the environment whilst breaking down. This incredible product has been FDA Approved, DIN CERTCO certified and carries the CE mark. It is freezer safe, microwave safe, BPA Free, and non-toxic. Ideal for sealing food, containing coffee in an open mug, and much more... Bonnie Bio's certified compostable plastic alternatives decompose fully in just a few months, unlike their plastic counterparts, that take hundreds of years. Like plastic, our products are convenient to use, durable, and practical.

🌎1 Roll of Corn PLA compostable cling wrap

  • Roll dimensions: 12 in. by 98.4 ft.

  • Certified 100% Compostable cling wrap

  • Helps keep food fresh

  • Stretchy/Clings Tight

🍃The by-products present no danger to the environment. No toxins are leached into the environment whilst decomposing. The ink used to print on these bags is a soy-based ink.

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