Organic Dressing 

Organic Soy & Canola oil-free Mayonnaise

This is the only USDA Organic Mayonnaise that I was able to find without canola oil and soy-free! 🍃

Conventional Canola Oil is often found in food products and according to The food babe, it is a cheap, unhealthy, GMO oil! It is extracted from rapeseed plant using a solvent called hexane and it is highly processed! Canola has become one of the most genetically modified crops! (If you choose to use canola oil food products check that they are USDA organic, or non-GMO certified!)
I prefer to avoid canola oil and for this reason, I use this organic, healthier, and delicious mayonnaise!

🍃 This organic mayonnaise is made with organic sunflowers oil, certified human and free-range egg yolks, water, organic lemon juice, organic distilled vinegar, salt, organic ground mustard, organic black pepper! USDA certified organic, non-GMO verified,

K certified, gluten-free certified, soy-free, recyclable glass jar and made in the USA! It tastes great 😋 💕

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