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Online Class 1


💗How amazing it would be if the entire beauty industry products on the market were all organic? Only safe products made with natural ingredients that respect us and the environment! It is so inspiring to see how the industry is changing in that direction and it is not stopping! ​

💚Many new environmentally friendly brands are coming out and more people are embracing this lifestyle! That’s because we are more careful about making more responsible choices, we do our homework and double-check the ingredients! ​

​💗Remember the faster and easier way to be sure that a product is organic is to spot the USDA organic seal! Like in this organic rosewater. USDA organic seal is for beauty products, food, drinks, and clothes look for the GOTS seal!









🎉 Exciting news!! 

It is amazing to see how you girls want to know more about a brand or product you are using if they are safe or not!  I have so many questions from you and I’ll do my best to reply to each of you! 💕


💖 To help you better embrace a healthier lifestyle and to help you make the right purchases, I am launching my new service designed just for you!

It will give you my knowledge and experience, so you can make safer choices and invest in the best beauty, food, and home products the market has to offer!


💖 My online service will allow me to guide you, assist you better, and I can reach even more of you at the same time!

There will be a launch of my online courses, where you will learn all the tricks and tips on how to spot a toxic, conventional brand, or a tricky misleading greenwashing brand, and learn how to pick the honest, trustable safe brands, and products that deserve our attention.


💖 It would be designed to pass onto you my knowledge and experience, so you can learn about product analysis and label checking. So you can immediately know if a product is safe or not! No guessing, no wondering!

Once you complete the online program, you would finally be able to spot and recognize a safe product from a toxic one, read an ingredient list, make your judgment, and finally then make the right purchase.


💖 Your knowledge will give you the confidence that brings you to make the safest choices for you, your family, and the environment. You would be investing in the healthiest products on the market.

You will know your money will finally be well invested!

Plus you would be able to recognize a safe product quickly, so you will save time while shopping online and in stores!


There is more!

Are you always guessing if a brand or product is toxic, greenwashing, or safe? Want to know if you are investing in safe and healthy products? I can help you! My class is designed to pass you my experience and to  teach you the  trick and tips on uncover toxic products!


so you can finally invest on safe prefects for you and your family while preserving the environment.


Plus you will safe all that time guessing and wondering while shipping online or in store!


Enjoy the confidence of safer and leather shopping while enjoy your free time with your family


with the confidence Knowing you brought them the safest products on the market!


Is this toxic greenwashing or a safe products? this is what you are probably asking to your self everytime you are using your products on yourself, on your kids, family and pets!


you are looking at the packaging trying to figure it if you can trust it!


You may try to remember if you heard of that brand before, if it a reposnsable brand. How about if that is all the result a marketing campaign?


They claim to be natural, but what really “natural means?

is that a world regulated by FDA?


You may have your friend tell you that tried that product, does is really]have clean ingredients or you are investing money to unsafe products?


How to spot all that?


I can teach you step by step>


first we need to learn some basic vocabolary/


Toxic; is consiedred to have potential unsafe ingredients that effects our health, such as heavy metals.


Greenwashing: is a marketing teqnique that mislead has to think their products are safe when they are not! In few words they are pretending to be safe!


safe: finally the category we all want to embrace. made by honest, responsible company that make the safest and trustable products. Often they are small family owned 



Other categories

large cooperation and small company

large cooperation goals to be profitable, they spend a lot og=f money with expensive campaign on tv, magazine the y involve celebrities and world famous models. They make us pay for that publicity. Thesis prides are cheap to make, unsafe, toxic full of contrives ingrains but hey know how to catch use: marketing campaign!

Don;t let ou be enchanted by beautify tv commercials and fancy models, their products are not worth the price



As mentioned before they are to favorite. they are people like us that often they could not find safe products so the same ade one.

theis goal is to respect us, our health and the planet







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