Safe bottled water 

PFAS in bottled water 

According to CBS news: The sparkling water brand with the highest level of PFAS detected by Consumer Reports was Coca-Cola's Topo Chico, which is popular in western U.S. cities such as Austin, Texas. It had PFAS levels of 9.76 parts per trillion, the testing found.

According to Consumer Reports' testing, the other sparkling waters besides Topo Chico that include measurable amounts of PFAS are: 

  • Polar Natural Seltzer Water (6.41 ppt)

  • Bubly Blackberry Sparkling Water (2.24 ppt)

  • Poland Spring Zesty Lime Sparkling Water (1.66 ppt)

  • Canada Dry Lemon Lime Sparkling Seltzer Water (1.24 ppt)

  • LaCroix Natural Sparkling Water (1.16 ppt)

  • Perrier Natural Sparkling Mineral Water (1.1 ppt)

Organic Coconut Water
Genuine Coconut 

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To be sure it is organic search for the USDA organic seal on the packaging, that means it is pure and natural without the contamination of pesticides or other toxic chemicals! USDA organic seal also guarantees that it is not GMOs!
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