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PrettyOranicGirl Seal of Approval

Pretty Organic Girl Certification Seal

Here is a list of brands that gain the POG approval seal that meets my criteria of

safety, eco-responsibility, and transparency:


with ingredients you can see: Full Ingredient Lists are on every product page for every product we sell, as well as right on the packaging so you can see what's in your home quickly and easily. 








🌸 With so many spas or salons out there claiming to be "organic", "eco-friendly" or "green"  they are simply not telling us the truth!

They are greenwashing us

Many times  I was excited when I found a new natural spa, a hair salon, or nail salons online and I went to check their page or went inside to found out they were using conventional products instead and they are not following safe and healthy protocols.

Their air quality was unhealthy to breathe for their clients and their workers.

🍃 To be trusted in the organic world as a reputable SAFE-SPA, as an owner or esthetician, you need to educate yourself.

To stand out from other misleading spas and hair-nails salons you need to choose to learn how to spots certifications.

In order to choose a safe, honest skincare brand you need to learn to not fell into and greenwashing brand's web brand.

A truly organic and safe professional skincare line is the best brand's choice for your business. 

Your clients are now smarts, they know a lot of unsafe ingredients and they demand safety during their treatments.

They deserve organic products, so can offer the safest brands.

When they feel that have found a safe spa that will increase their trust and they are more willing to recommend to family and friend.

What does it mean for you?

That means not going with the first skincare brands that claim to be green or organic when they are not.  Remember that  "safe", "natural", "green" " clean", "high quality"are not regulated by anyone.

They are using us with their greenwashing technique putting your I

your business and reputation at risk.

I will guide you to reach your goals and protect your business from greenwashing sharks by educating you.

You will be able to offer the best professional products and environment for your health-conscious clients, pregnant and kids, and safe for everyone.

By choosing organic towels, organic candles, organic cleaning products, purified air, organic cleaning facilities.

I can guide you step by step to turn your spa or to become the first eco-friendly certified organic spa in your city!

You will be to display and recommend organic products in your spa with the confidence of the knowledge you are offering only the safest brands to your clients!

Their trust and satisfaction are priceless and your reputation will be spotless. Start nnow
Contact me for THE ORGANIC SPA AND SALONS consultation.

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