Organic Shaving Care

Dr Bronner's shavings soaps

Are you looking for a shaving cream without phthalates, fragrance, triethanolamine, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate? You found it! Dr. Bronner shaving cream is certified organic, certified fair trade, non GMO verified, certified vegan and not animal tested! If you have sensitive skin, use unscented organic shaving soap. Organic Coconut Oil and Castile Soap, delicate and nourishing! 

  • Lavender

  • Peppermint  

  • Tea Tree

  • Lemongrass Lime

  • Unscented 

Miessence Organic Shaving Gel

Certified Organic Shaving Gel, great for sensitive skin! Light gel formulated with aloe, with organic emollient that protects from razor burns, nicks and cuts. It works also on girls.

Miessence Organic After Shave 

Certified Organic after shave balm, great for sensitive skin! Hydrating and soothing the delicate shaved  skin. It calm the irritations with Organic aloe, chamomile and marshmallow, you can almost eat it!

Leap Organics Shave Cream

Certified Organic Shaving Cream for Men, made with Shea butter and Coconut oil   to help provide a smoother, closer, more comfortable shave. Light lather formula provides the right amount of cushion and rinses cleanly, leaving behind a soft, smooth face.

Tame The Beast Organic Beard Oil & Conditioner

A nutrient-rich, all-natural, Certified 100% USDA Organic Beard Conditioning Oil that moisturizes & softens beards, mustaches, hair & skin. Infused with the purest, healthiest blend of essential oils to nourish beards and the skin underneath, helping to eliminate itches and flakes and maximize softness. Reveals a glorious beast-worthy shine and sheen. 

Preserve Eco-Friendly Razor 

🌸The EPA estimates that two billion razors go into landfills each year! For this summer season, find more eco-friendly alternatives, such as electric shavers or recycled razor!
🌸I found this razor by @preserveproducts, made with recycled yogurt cups! The blades and more than 90% of the handle are made in the USA! 🍃Designed for men and women, the razor's cartridge comes with five ceramic-coated blades for a very close shave. The lubricant strip, infused with cocoa butter and Aloe, helps prevent razor burn and it soothes sensitive skin! The packaging is a reusable travel case! 🐰No animal testing!
I found it at Thrive Market for $8.95 and with my link you can save 15% off your first order!💖

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