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Huella Truly 10-Free Vegan Nail Polish
organic nail polish Huella

 💅We all know how hard is to find organic and safe nail polish.
A truly organic nail polish has not been invented yet!
So if you are pregnant or breastfeeding: avoid it!
What we can do is at least to go with the least toxic nail polish brands around!
Here is what you need to check: They must be at least
✅10-free nail polish
and it is important to check that they don’t contain
❌Benzophenone-1, present in many “natural and cleaner nail polishes”
Actually, a very popular green blogger-mom is recommending a nail polish brand that contains this very controversial ingredient:
❌Benzophenone-1: toxic ingredient, used to block color fading, linked to endocrine disruption and carcinogen reported by the California proposition 65 warning.
🎃So for this Halloween choose a better nail polish brand.
There are just a few brands I recommend brands and they are all listed on my website. Link on my profile!
Our demand and choice for safer products will shape the market giving greenwashing companies no option than to offer better products and be more transparent with the consumers!

Organic Nail & Cuticle Treatments 

🍃 These natural and organic nails and cuticle treatments are my favorite.  
🍃Honey Girl Organic Cuticle & Nail Cream is amazingly moisturizing without being greasy. It delivers awesome results since the first application. 

Your nails will look like just came out from a fresh manicure.

the ingredients are super clean. 

​🍃100% Pure Nail & Cuticle Oil has a handy applicator that makes it easier to reach your toenail. If your toenails are problematic, dry, or brittle this oil will help to keep them healthy and moisturized. 

They are a must-have great combo for home spa-like treatments. 

🍃With those, you won't need to book another manicure service especially when you don't know what they are putting on you!

You can complete your spa day with non-toxic nail polish.

certified organic hair ties, plastic free hair ties
Kooshoo Organic Hair ties 

💇The only Organic hair ties on the market!! I wanted to buy hair accessories that were made in a responsible way, with organic material, free of pesticides and toxic dyes, and I finally found them! 🎉
😍Here they are: made by @feelingkooshoo, the ONLY hair ties made with organic and natural material, plastic-free, 100% biodegradable, made 100% in the USA! Amazing! 👏
🍃MATERIAL: 75% Organic cotton and 25% natural rubber, they are hand-dyed using low impact dye, they are ethically operated, made in downtown Los Angeles! 
🎀They are super cute, strong, and longer-lasting. They are comfy, without slipping or pulling! Great for your ponytail, or adding color to your braids, or using as wristbands! They come in other colors as well!
🎉 They are a favorite of Alicia Silverstone as well! 💚

Certified Organic Cotton Scrunchies 
Certified Organic Cotton Scrunchies

🎀 What happens when you combine the world's most popular plastic-free hair ties with a super soft organic cotton ruched blanket?

The most responsibly made Scrunchies in the world that will soon be an everyday staple in your wardrobe! 

These gorgeous Scrunchies are made of just sustainable materials Fairtrade certified organic cotton and Fair Rubber Association certified natural rubber. 

🍃They're the epitome of accountable design in a soft, easy-on-your-hair package that is built to last in your hair but not in a landfill.

Warm and neutral walnut is an everyday staple that looks natural yet put together.

🎀 Blush pink is a perfect go-to when you want to add a splash of femininity and playfulness to your outfit.  

  • Designed to last in your hair but not in a landfill

  • Ships to you in plastic-free packaging

  • Fits most wrists

  • You're going to fall in love with these Scrunchies :) 

🍃MATERIALS & CARE: Inner: 70% GOTS & Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton, 30% Fair Trade Natural Rubber | Outer: 100% GOTS & Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton

  • FACTORY | GOTS & Fairtrade certified production facility that is a social-good business dedicating profits to local charities

  • DYE | GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic dyes

  • CARE | Wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry

eco-friendly brushes hairbrush, not made in china, natural wood, natural material, non-toxic, plastic-free, vegan, certified eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, not made in china. made in USA brushes, hand made brushes. hair loss brushes, pregnancy. breastfeeding paddle animal free vegan combs, made in Italy brush, brushes, comb, combs, made in Italy
Eco-friendly Tek Paddle Hairbrush 

Here it is an eco-friendly brushes company Made in Italy! 

They are beautiful!

This is what you should look for in a hairbrush: Eco-friendly, Natural material, non-toxic,  plastic-free, vegan, and possibly with certified eco-friendly wood.

Here this brand has it all:

  • It’s hand made in Italy fully respecting the environment

  • It’s FSC certified, hypoallergenic, and antistatic

  • It massages the scalp 

  • It improves the blood circulation

  • It reinforces hair roots and absorbs the excess of sebum and hair impurities

Tek paddle hairbrush in ash wood with short pins. There’s a HOLE between pins for the hair vent (it’s pneumatic)

100% Biodegradable Glitter (Bioglitter®)
Bioglitter, 100% biodegradable glitter, certified, Today Glitter

💎 World's first 100% plastic-free glitter. Ideal for water-based applications, soaps, oils, etc... First and only FDA-approved glitter for usage in lips. Bright, colorful, and soft eucalyptus-based glitter. 

💎 Bio-glitter; the first glitter that received a third-party certification verifying that degrades in the natural environment. Any other biodegradable glitter not from Bio-glitter does not verify this claim.

💎 40% softer than regular plastic glitter. We suggest using a glitter primer/gel to apply these glitters. Use the brush, fingertips with gentle pressure on the skin.

Today Glitter is the first company in the US to become a verified retail partner of Bioglitter. Their quality is fully guaranteed. 

Today Gitter does not sell plastic glitter or fake biodegradable glitter (like compostable glitter). They never mix original Bioglitter with fake Bioglitter.

As  the first authorized retailer of Bioglitter in the USA, Today Glitter is passionate to bring you Bioglitter; the only true Biodegradable Glitter that has passed the freshwater test guaranteeing natural biodegradability in any environment. 

Their 100% Bio-glitter are the world’s first naturally biodegradable glitter

CMR-free, Cruelty-free, GMO-free, Toxic-free



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