Grocery Home Delivery

Since there are studies proving that coronavirus can stay up in the air for 3 hours, (SEE LINE 97) going to the grocery store is a risk especially without masks. I believe that everybody should wear a mask, especially when entering stores or even to take a walk. Here is online grocery delivery that I use personally: 💚 💗

Thrive Market

I have been using this service for many years and I recommend it to everybody for their quality of food and service and convenience.  It is the largest non-Gmos online store in the USA. They carry Organic and Non-GMOs products. They basically have the same products and brands of Whole Foods markets and Erewhon Markets but for much less.  Today their service is even more essentials for us that don't want to go to grocery stores for obvious reasons. They offer a solution to this problem. They also carry frozen meat, chickens, and fish, all sent to your door.