Coronavirus Restaurant Delivery

Since there are studies proving that coronavirus can stay up in the air for 3 hours, (SEE LINE 97) going to the grocery store is a risk especially without masks. I believe that everybody should wear a mask, especially when entering stores or even to take a walk. Here is online grocery delivery that I use personally: 💚 💗

Postmate delivery 

Postmate allows you to dine in with the food prepared by your favorite restaurants. They featured 75.000 businesses.

I suggest using Postmates Unlimited in this period, their membership service. For $9.99/month or $99.99/year, members receive free delivery on orders from all merchants on the Postmates platform when the order size reaches the cart minimum (varies by location).

Remove the food from packaging. 

Non-Contact Delivery

We recently introduced non-contact deliveries, which allows distancing between our customers and Postmates.

Remove the food from packaging with gloves or wash your hands after.