Organic Baby Diapers 

They are too many diapers in the environment.

They are made with polluting and unhealthy materials such as plastic. Through a lack of sustainable alternatives, disposable diapers have been piling up in landfills since 1965. Today landfills are bursting at the seams with an estimated 400 billion traditional plastic diapers - each taking up to 500 years to decompose.

 Study shows that elevated levels of toxic chemicals are found on disposable diapers 

The diaper industry is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which does not require diaper manufacturers to disclose their ingredients or test their products or materials for a variety of chemicals to ensure safety. 

Problems with conventional diapers:

  • ❌Bleaching chemicals: Traditional diapers are bleached in order to prevent bacterial growth, and often leave chemical residue on the diapers (which may cause skin irritation and sensitivity). The most commonly used bleaching chemicals are chlorine, sulfates and hydrogen peroxide.

  • ❌Plastic materials can emit VOCs that can harm health. Note that even plastics produced from plants, or bioplastics, may have concerns similar to their petroleum-based counterparts. When looking for eco-friendly diapers we need to pick:

  • ❌Chemicals: Too many diapers are made with phthalates, parabens, bisphenols, the fluorinated compounds known as PFAS, and flame-retardant chemicals. Alcohol, preservatives, latex, PVC, TBT.

  • ❌Fragrances or lotions, or other skin-conditioning agents.

​Nothing is more delicate than your baby’s bottom and protecting it requires products that are gentle and free of harsh chemicals. Frequent diaper changes are essential as wet diapers may trigger rashes and contribute to poor air circulation.

How to find an eco-friendly diaper brand?

When we are looking for eco-friendly diapers we need to look at:

  • Brand is transparent and lists all the ingredients

  • Brand that minimizes the use of plastic in their products and packaging.

  • Brand that uses unbleached pulp or pulp bleached using totally chlorine-free techniques, rather than elemental chlorine-free, or ECF, techniques. ECF uses a chlorine derivative, which is linked to skin, nose, and throat irritation and is toxic to aquatic systems.

  • Brand has tested its products adequately for harmful ingredients and contaminants.

  • Chlorine-free

  • Fragrance-free contains substances that may trigger skin irritations

  • Dyes-free: they  may cause rashes and skin irritations

  • Optical brighteners -free: they may contain harmful substances

  • Lead-free: it can damage a developing baby's nervous system

  • No Chlorine

  • No Latex

  • No PVC

  • No TBT

  • No Antioxidants

  • No Perfumes

  • No Lotions

  • No Phthalates

  • Free from other nasty chemicals and compounds,  phenols, formaldehyde, carcinogenic dyes, and also allergenic dyes - so they are not only safe for babies, but will also protect them from rash, irritation, and discomfort.

How to choose the best diapers?
  • Diapers that are plain, undyed, or ones with minimal designs. Many of the dyes used in diapers have been linked to health harm or may be contaminated with toxic heavy metals.

  • Organic cloth diapers may be a good way to avoid some of the worrisome chemicals in disposable products. They also tend to be better for the environment, as they produce less plastic waste and use less energy to manufacture. ​Disposable diapers aren’t the only available option. The growing reusable diaper market makes it much easier for consumers to use cloth diapers, and diapers that snap or Velcro.

  • Bamboo Baby diapers: Most diapers are bleached with chlorine, sulfates or other harsh chemicals. The residue from these bleaching agents may be one of the causes of skin irritation and discomfort. Bamboo fibres do not require a bleaching process because it contains a natural anti-bacterial agent known as Bamboo-Kun. 

  • Certified diapers: Look for environmental certifications, like the Forest Stewardship Council’s, to ensure that ingredients and materials are responsibly sourced.

  • Choose an EWG VERIFIED™ diaper brand: they created 2000 banned ingredients list

If you are looking for the safest and softest touch on your baby’s skin, this page is for you! 

I will list under 2 categories:


  • no inner plastic in inner layers,  TCF,  biodegradable


  • some plastic, ECF,  less biodegradable

Ecoriginal Diapers 90% biodegradable

🌸The higher your plant-based materials are, the healthier they are for bub and the environment. These diapers are more than 90% plant-based wrapped in the world's first 100% paper packaging.

🍃 Their unique Plantcell Technology™ was developed to enhance absorbency and performance of our eco diapers. Utilizing the inherent properties of nature, they have combined plant-based materials in a way that wicks away more than 900ml of liquid and traps it in their highly absorbent core with a dual seal system to keep our diapers dry to the touch.

🍃Non-GMO corn starch, 100% pure cotton, and FSC-certified wood pulp are the cornerstones of their incredible new diapers. 

✅ 90% plant-based and biodegrade in three months

✅ #1 Australian eco baby care company

INGREDIENTS: over 90% plant-based materials. Cotton, FSC-certified wood pulp, and Non-GMO corn starch and starch-based elements.

CODE: my code ECOPRETTY will give you $30 off our 3 Packs of Diapers + 3 Packs of Wipes (3+3).

Healthynest Organic Cloth Diaper Set

🌸 Think how safer if for the baby's skin, how much more eco-friendly and wallet-friendly is this set!

Cloth diapering is a two-part system:  an absorbent inner diaper and a waterproof cover and which work together to be the softest and most absorbent diaper out there.

🍃The inner cloth diaper is made of the softest organic cotton to cradle baby’s bum. Two options for a waterproof cover: a lightweight cover or a merino wool cover.

  • 2 organic cotton inner diapers

  • 1 lightweight cover OR 1 merino wool cover

  • 2 liners for additional absorbency

  • 1 organic cotton zip pouch 


Oeko-tex Standard 100

Nordic Swan Ecolabel


Cotton inner diapers: Made of 100% unbleached, GOTS Certified organic cotton.

Merino wool cover: Made of super soft, organic, merino wool for natural waterproofing.

Double Duty, lightweight cover: made of two layers of our super soft, secret weapon Oeko-tex certified polyester 

Healthynest Cloth Diaper Merino Wool Outercover

🌸 Cloth diapering is a two-part system— an absorbent inner diaper and a waterproof outer cover — which work together to be the softest and most absorbent diaper out there.   

🍃1 merino wool waterproof outercover 


Oeko-tex Standard 100

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

MATERIAL: Made of organic, merino wool for natural waterproofing

Healthynest Cloth Diaper Fitted Organic Cotton Inner

🌸 This non-toxic EWG VERIFIED™ Diaper is the safest option for baby's developing brain. It is the culmination of 900+ lab tests for quality, 3 years of product development, 2,300 banned ingredients. Third-party tested to outperform the big brands and prevent blowouts.  

🍃This cotton fitted inner is paired with one of their covers to make for an absorbent, leakfree, soft and effective cloth diaper. Because every family diapers differently, we made two options for our diaper cover. Use one or the other, or mix and match to find the perfect combo for you and baby.


Oeko-tex Standard 100

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Made Of - The Better Baby Diaper

🌸 🍃 MADE OF Better Diaper is 10-hours Leak Free Guarantee. MADE BECAUSE It's time to take a stand again sitting around in toxins all day. That's why these high-capacity diapers do the dirty work without dirty words like petrochemicals, phthalates and parabens. They even let you know when they're wet. Meet the better way to keep bottoms dry.

✅ ISO 9001




handcrafted, Non-GMO, Paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free!

Andy Pandy Bamboo Diapers

🌸 ECO-FRIENDLY DIAPERS - Bamboo is a highly sustainable natural renewable resource. Our bamboo diapers are 87% biodegradable which reduces waste to help contribute in making the world a better place for the generations to come.  

🍃BETTER FOR YOUR BABY - free of chlorine, alcohol, preservatives, phthalates, latex, PVC, TBT, and PFAS. They are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, moisture wicking, and thermal regulating. Plus,  deluxe Andy Pandy diapers have an aloe liner to keep your sweet baby’s skin hydrated and prevent itchiness.

🍃ABSORBS 2X MORE THAN COTTON - Bamboo is highly absorbent which makes bamboo diapers perfect for sensitive skin.  Premium bamboo diapers are ultra-comfortable and soft to prevent your baby's delicate skin from getting painful irritation and diaper rash.

✅ Chlorine Free


Hypoallergenic: 100% free of corn, wheat and starch.

Unbleached & Ultra Soft

MATERIAL:100% Non-woven bamboo fiber for our top and back sheet. This is going to be directly in contact with your baby’s skin and we assure you that there has been no use of harmful chemical pesticides to treat the bamboo | TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) Fluff Pulp | Sumitomo SAP | Pure aloe essence (just a light mist on inner layer to provide nourishment to baby’s skin) | Elastic in the waistband and around the legs | Velcro tape | Adhesive | PH Strip (Wetness Indicator)

OffSpring Hypoallergenic Dipaers

🌸 Buttery soft, cloth-like material that keeps your baby comfortable all day while looking good. Who needs pants when your diapers look and feel this good?

🍃Leak-Proof for Peace of Mind: Super elastic stretchy and snug-fit waistband to prevent blowouts and leaks.

Super absorbent. Absorbency layer soaks up fluids like a sponge to keep your baby’s skin dry and breathable

✅ FREE from chlorine, fragrance, lotions, dyes, leads, optical-brightener and heavy metal.

✅ Dermatologist-approved and hypoallergenic. Gentle on baby’s sensitive skin

✅ Mindfully made without nasties that trigger allergies. They are mindfully crafted with premium and safe material

MATERIAL: Lovingly made with elemental chlorine-free wood pulp, super absorbent polymer, polypropylene (core wrap, fastening system, cuff barrier layer), non-toxic adhesive (seams & joints), polymer spandex (leg elastic & fastening system), ultra-breathable polyethylene film, polypropylene non-woven topsheet, inks free from lead and other heavy metals for external printed design.

Aleva Naturals  Bamboo Diapers

🌸 Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Diapers are ultra-soft, with a cloth-like feel to provide the maximum comfort for your baby. They are made with unbleached bamboo fibers on both top and bottom layers to provide the best comfort and protection on the most sensitive skin.

🍃Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Diapers top and bottom layers are made from unbleached bamboo fibers that contain a natural anti-bacterial agent called Bamboo Kun. Together with the extra absorbability and breathable back layers, these diapers will help keep your baby’s bottom soft, supple and silky smooth.

It you’re looking for the safest and softest touch on your baby’s skin, Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Diapers are the perfect choice!

✅ Chlorine Free




Ultra Soft

MATERIAL:*Biodegradable top and bottom layers, rayon from bamboo

Dyper Eco-friendly Bamboo Diapers

🌸 These diapers are made with viscose fibers from responsibly sourced Bamboo and packed in bags made with oxo-degradable materials. They can be returned for disposal through their optional REDYPER™ service.

🍃Made with viscose fibers from Bamboo because they're soft, odorless and breathable. It grows fast, requires no fertilizers and we can process it with less chemicals.

✅ certified by OEKO TEX

✅ Independent testing provided by SGS, ISO 14855-1-2012 

MATERIAL: Outside Cover, Inside Cover: 100% Viscose From Bamboo Fibers, Legcuffs: 100% PP, Inner Film: 100% Bioplastic, Elastics: 100% Elastane, Others.

COMPONENTS: 22% Sodium Polyacrylate, 35% Elemental Chlorine-Free Wood Pulp, 4% Paper, 9% Polypropylene, 18% Viscose, 6% Bioplastic, 2.3% Adhesive, 3.7% Elastane

Healthynest Organic Disposable Diapers

🌿The First and Only EWG Verified Diaper 🍃

Baby will be in diapers 24/7 for the first three years of life, and their skin is more permeable than of an adult's. That’s why they developed the first-ever EWG Verified diaper: non-toxic, dreamy soft, and it really works.

🍃High-quality, plant-based materials cradle baby’s skin, and we’ve woven in super soft, premium organic cotton to keep baby comfy and cozy, without ever sacrificing performance.

The safest diaper for baby’s developing brain and body, made with organic cotton feels dreamy soft and is engineered with proprietary magic channels for ultimate performance that keeps baby dry and comfortable, day and overnight.

🍃What’s in these  diapers:

  • Premium organic cotton

  • FSC certified wood pulp

  • EWG Verified

  • MadeSafe Verified

  • Only plant-based materials touch baby's delicate skin microbiome

  • All materials third-party lab tested for safety


Topsheet: 50% plant-based polyethylene and 50% polypropylene

Absorbent core: 60% absorbent polymer (sodium polyacrylate) and 40% wood pulp (100% sourced from sustainably managed forests, FSC Certified® and Totally Chlorine-Free)
Core Wrap: 100% polypropylene
Acquisition Layer: 100% polypropylene
Leg cuffs: 35% plant-based polyethylene, 35% polypropylene, 20% adhesive* and 10% elastic polyurethane.
Closing System: (closing panels, closing tapes, frontal tapes, front ears) 55% polypropylene, 25% adhesive* and 20% polyethylene
Backsheet: 45% plant-based polyethylene, 45% calcium carbonate, 10% adhesive* and <0.5% printed ink (ethanol, propan-2-ol, ethyl acetate, D&C black no. 2, pigment yellow 13, pigment yellow 74, pigment red 48:2, pigment red 53, pigment blue 15) made without lead or heavy metals.
Outer cover: 45% polyethylene, 40% polyester and 15% organic cotton.
Adhesives made of:

  • 5% styrene-isoprene block copolymer

  • 40% styrene-butadiene block copolymer

  • 10% hydrogenated naphthenic processing oil

  • 4% poly(methylstyrene-co-indene)

  • 1% pentaerythritol tetrakis(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyhydrocinnamate)

Eco by Naty Baby Diapers

🍃 These are the most eco-friendly, sustanable, safe, compostable non-toxic diapers on the market with the most certifications around.

Get great performance and reduce the chance of nasty reactions and diaper rash on your baby’s skin with Eco by Naty.

The diapers are made from plant based materials, so no plastic ever touches your baby’s skin.

They can assure you that there are no harmful or toxic chemicals in Eco by Naty diapers/nappies. The materials they use are absolutely safe and are thoroughly tested in all aspects for potential allergic reactions. 

Designed with Scandinavian nature inspired prints

  • ✅ TÜV Austria: certifies theie packaging for their diapers is based on plant-based material certified.

  • ✅ 'OK biobased' 1st and only diaper to get the diaper to receive this  Eco-friendly.-certification.(certified 24.10.2018 - no. TA8071802803), as well as getting the all clear on over 100 nasty substances from OEKO-TEX (certified 12.11.2018 - no. SE 18-239).

  • ✅ FSC-certified forests. material sustainably produced. Vegan label ensures no animal testing or ingredients

  • ✅ GOTS Certified Organic diapers.

  • ✅ OEKO-tex Certified diapers.

  • ✅ Vegan Certified diapers

🍃 These are the most eco-friendly, sustanable, safe, compostable, non-toxic, chlorine-free diapers on the market.

Made 100% by plants based and compostable materials.

100% indipendently certified by respectable seals organnitations, Eco by Naty is the leading green diaper brand. 

She started started her company with the determination to make high performance products that were friendlier on nature, healthier for the child and with outstanding performance. ECO by Naty is all that. 

🐻 They are working with state organizations, governments and leading worldwide experts to find joint solutions on better materials and better waste management.

Each raw material and product is tested twice in an independent lab down to nanogram well following the EU regulation level of miligram.

Her mission is to use renewable and compostable materials that are good for the environment and the health of our bodies.

This brand claims 0% OIL PLASTIC on baby's skin 👼

  • 🌸 Soft on baby's skin: 0 percent oil plastic on skin with breathable and absorbent plant-based fibres for a comfortable fit

  • 🌷 Premium Protection: No leakage or blowouts. Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested. Free of chlorine bleaching, fragrances, lotions

  • 🍃 Super high performance means that your baby stays dry (and hopefully asleep) all night long, so tired parents can rest up too…. 

❌ Not recommended Brand
Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 12.07.28 PM.png

❌ Not recommended:

They are only 50% biodegradable.


FSC-certified totally chlorine-free (TCF) cellulose pulp, superabsorbent polymer (SAP), biodegradable corn starch-based biopolymer, nonwoven fabric (polymers) and elastics (latex-free).

❌ Not recommended Brand

❌ Not recommended: Elemental Chlorine-Free Wood Pulp


Outside Cover, Inside Cover: 100% Viscose From Bamboo Fibers, Legcuffs: 100% PP, Inner Film: 100% Bioplastic, Elastics: 100% Elastane, Others.

COMPONENTS: 22% Sodium Polyacrylate, 35% Elemental Chlorine-Free Wood Pulp, 4% Paper, 9% Polypropylene, 18% Viscose, 6% Bioplastic, 2.3% Adhesive, 3.7% Elastane