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Happy Genie Luxury Vegan Bags

😍Did you hear about it? The first luxury Vegan bag is here!! That’s right, it is 100% beautifully made with apples! @happygeniebags
🍏Yes, they are using apple fruit byproducts to create this fancy masterpiece that looks just like traditional Italian leather bags!
👛Made in Italy using luxury fashion craftsmanship, with no animal products, using only vegan material: Italian apples from Bolzano. The metal parts are nickel-free and palladium plated.
💖Not only it is a classic, timeless, and inspiring bag but it is also
fun because you can customize the clothes, straps, and handles!
​​⭐️The founder, Tanjia Schenker, has made possible to wear luxurious designer bags that are also ethical! 
She launched this great idea through Kickstarter and will soon be available! 💚Vegans, animal lovers, and environmentalists are all as excited as I am about this bag and we can’t wait for it to hit the market!🌟Vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, ethical, responsibly made by a pioneer, and 100% stylish!


Cult Gaia Eco- bag

Created in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, Cult Gaia designs beautiful heirloom items that will live in your closet forever. The cornerstone of Cult Gaia’s DNA has been forged with the ideal of creating Objets d’ Art that make you look twice.

Larone Eco-bag

Larone handbags are made of sustainable and abundant plant fibers such as abaca, raffia, and jute which are indigenous to the local regions we work in. These are paired with other natural materials such as wood, shell, and semi-precious stones to deliver a work of art inspired by nature and created from nature. Our handmade production process curtails energy consumption that comes from the use of machinery. Each handbag is designed to be produced in such a way as to ensure minimum wastage and impact on the environment.

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