Eco-Friendly and Safer Cookware 
🍃💕Do you know that your non-stick cook

🍃💕Do you know that your nonstick cookware contains​​ toxic chemicals that are stored in our bodies? They contain chemicals known as PFAS. They are “forever chemicals,” because they don’t break down in the environment. To learn more watch the movie Dark Waters.

🍃💕99% of humans are believed to have forever chemicals in their blood. Some people are exposed at higher rates. For more information about contamination levels in your area, use EWG’s map. Also, it is also proved that nonstick pans kill birds. Read here. 

🍃💕What can you do? Skip Teflon nonstick pans and utensils, choose stainless steel or cast iron cookware. Here you can find non-toxic, eco-friendly, safer, healthier, approved cookware.

My favorite brand for cast iron cookware is Le Creuset.

Other eco-friendly, PFAS-Free, PTFE-free, Teflon-free, PFOA-free, lead-free, cadmium-free cookware brands are Green Life cookware and Green Pan.

🍃💕​​ Learn more on how get non-toxic, eco-friendly, safer, healthier, and approved cookware. Just in time for a healthier holiday meal! The safest cookware is still stainless steel and ​​cast iron.​​

Green Life Ceramic Safer Nonstick Cookware 

🍃💕 These are the alternative to nonstick cookware. Made with Thermolon, the ceramic nonstick coating used on all GreenLife nonstick cookware. It is a coating that is manufactured without PFAS, PTFE or PFOA, and does not contain any lead or cadmium. It is made from Silicon (not to be confused with silicone), basically sand, that has been transformed into a spray-able solution and then cured onto the pan in the oven.

🍃💕Thermolon is made from natural materials that are 100% safe to use in contact with foods, even when heated. The absence of potentially dangerous chemicals in our pans means that there is no chance of emitting toxic fumes, even if you accidentally overheat your GreenLife. Thermolon can withstand temperatures up to 450°C/850°F, something that would not be safe to do with a traditional nonstick frypan.

🍃💕Thermolon has been certified by third party testing labs as conforming to international regular food contact standards set by the US FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration) and the German LFGB. Plus, the coating has been certified by the Swiss government and KTR (authoritative test institute certified by Korea Laboratory Accreditation) as conforming to their standards.

🍃💕​​I didn't try them yet since I use stainless steel and ​​cast iron. If you need nonstick-like cookware chose this brand.


All-Clad Brushed 18/10 Stainless Steel Made in USA 


  • 5-ply bonded construction with alternating layers of stainless steel and conductive aluminum for warp-free strength and even heating throughout. Can cook on cookware with metal, plastic or wood utensils

  • Highly polished stainless-steel cooking surface with starburst finish offers superior stick resistance and easy maintenance, plus won’t react with food

  • Capacity etched on base; heat-resistant stainless-steel handles with large bolster and permanently secured with stainless-steel rivets; flat stainless-steel lids; flared pouring rims

  • Oven- and broiler-safe up to 600 degrees F; optimized for induction; dishwasher-safe; limited lifetime warranty; made in USA.

  • You can buy them herehere  and here


How DuPont Poisoned the World with Teflon

One of the key ingredients in DuPont’s Teflon was C8, a toxic, man-made chemical created by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, better known as 3M, to make Scotchgard. The chemical, also known as PFOS or PFOA, is what gave Teflon its non-stick properties. Read this informative article about Teflon by Kitchen Ambition.
​ ​ ​ ​​​

The Surprising Link Between Teflon and the Atomic Bomb

The Teflon chemical PTFE is one of a large group of fluorinated chemicals known as polyfluoroalkyl or perfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFASs), which include PFOA and PFOS.

PFASs persist in the environment, are contaminating water supplies and have been linked to developmental problems, cancer, liver damage, immune effects, thyroid problems and more

Tips to protect yourself from PFAS chemicals 

Here you will find tips such as: 

  • which water filters to buy,

  • which cookware to buy i

  • avoid nonstick pans and utensil

  • avoid clothing made with Teflon or Gore-Tex labels.

  • avoid treatments like Scotchguard or Stainmaste.