Eco Mask

Vog Mask


PMade to protect for during traveling, workplace, smog, allergies, poor air quality, exercise outdoors.

Vogmasks are available in two CE Certified Product Families: Microfiber N99CV and N99 Organics.

N99 and N99C2V Organic Vogmasks are solid color dyed outer layer organic cotton, N99 particle filtering media, carbon filter, and (N99C2V) two exhalation valves for facilitating the exit of moisture and CO2 from the interior of the mask.

Made of: Outer face blank (Microfiber or organic cotton), Exhalation valve (s), Coconut shell carbon bonded to textile, N99 efficiency particle filtering nanofiber, Inner faceblank (microfiber or organic cotton), Aluminum nosepiece, Sew-in identifier tag, Latex-free spandex trim and the ear loop.


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