Back to School

By chossing eco-friendly products for our kids, not only will reduce their exposure to toxic plastic and pollutants materials, it will also teach your kids which products are safer for them and the enviroment.

Onyx and Green Scissors, Round Tip, Handles made from Corn Plastic
  • From the beautiful eco-friendly collection of the Onyx and Green line. These 5"/127 mm scissors have stainless steel blades and a rounded tip. The handles are made from corn plastic.

  • Safe and no sharp tip so it's great for kids to learn how to cut string and paper. 

  • 5"/127 mm scissors

  • Comes in two vibrant colors

  • Handles are made from corn plastic

  • MATERIAL: stainless steel and corn plastic
Eco Tape Scotch Transparent Greener Tape
  • Even more environmentally-friendly version of the classic, glossy finish transparent tape.

  • Made from over 65% recycled or plant based-based material

  • Same strong holding power as Scotch Transparent Tape

  • Crystal clear

  • Ideal for multi-purpose sealing and label protection

  • Crystal clear

  • Glides off the roll smoothly, cuts easily

  • Photo safe

  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials

  • Makes a great complement to the shiny gift-wrapping paper

  • Easy-to-apply design that doesn't dry out or yellow


Onyx and Green 4701 Glue Sticks, Non-Toxic, 2 Piece
  • From the beautiful eco-friendly collection of the Onyx and Green line.

  • Contains 2 glue sticks and 22 grams EA

  • Plant-based, non-toxic and washable

  • Dries clear and quickly

  • Made from recycled materials

  • School and office supplies

  • Great for school projects, artwork, paper and decorations. Not recommended for photos, bare metal, submerged or heated surfaces. KEEP FROM FREEZING. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

  • MATERIAL: polysaccharide, Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone, Sodium Stearate, Glycerin, Dimethyl silicone oil, Water.

Tessa Bunny's Organic Glue 

💗This eco-friendly  "school" glue is made the ol' fashioned-way now with 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients and is 100% compostable. Makes a GREAT, all natural and completely chemical-free SLIME!!

🌟Also perfect for kids' arts and craft projects involving porous materials such as PAPER, WOOD and FABRIC. (Not meant for plastics, glass or other non-porous items).

Made with certified organic ingredients, Tessa Bunny’s Organic School Glue is vegan, naturally non-toxic, non-GMO, and petroleum free.

Key features:

  • 100% non-toxic

  • Eco-friendly

  • 2.5 fl oz bottle

  • Made in the USA

  • 🌸Made with: Water, Organic Non-GMO Cornstarch, Natural Sea Salt (No Caking Agent, Kosher Certified) Organic Quinoa Flour, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Citric Acid.

  • Great for the planet and for children with chemical sensitivities.


Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 5.38.41 PM.png
Onyx and Green Double Sharpener, Metal, Bamboo
  • Eco-friendly Double sharpener made with renewable materials.

  • For School & office supplies, also make a great gift idea.

  • For an all eco-friendly, non-toxic back to school repertory

  • The Package Height of the Product is 1.0 inches

  • This Bamboo sharpener is an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional regular plastic sharpeners.

  • MATERIAL: Metal and bamboo

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 5.44.13 PM.png
Onyx and Green 3-Pack Erasers with Sleeve, Recycled Rubber
  • 3 pack of assorted erasers

  • environmentally friendly, made of recycled rubber

  • Comes in paper sleeve for easy gripping

  • MATERIAL: Recycled Rubber Erasers

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 6.17.22 PM.png
Eco-friendly Bamboo Push Pins
  • Onyx and Green's package of 175 metal paper clips, 28 mm. Packaging is made from recycled Kraft box/sleeve, pet lid and soy-based ink. Item 4000. Great for home, office and school use for keeping your papers easily organized.

  • Includes 30 push pins

  • School & office supplies

  • MATERIAL: Bamboo and metal