Eco Swimwear 

Made with ECONYL®, this swimwear is Environmentally responsible.  A premium regenerated nylon manufactured from recovered fishing nets and nylon waste. Made from waste, it's infinitely recyclable and can unleash infinite possibilities for makers, creators, and consumers. Take a look of what can be done with this amazing material produced in Italy 

Sustainable Vitamin A Swim 

Their exclusive new EcoLux™ matte superfine jersey is made with recycled nylon fiber to conserve precious resources.

The prints are created, when possible, with waterless digital technology at factories specially chosen for their innovative approaches to conserving electricity and water.

They use EcoLuxTM, an exclusive new superfine matte jersey swim fabric produced locally in California, using recycled nylon fiber to conserve resources and LYCRA XTRA LIFE® fiber to extend the life of each swimsuit far beyond that of traditional spandex products. They employ waterless digital printing technology, incorporate sustainable fibers like Eco Linen into our après-beach styles, and choose factories that conserve water and energy use.

Woodlike Ocean

Premium Swimwear crafted from ocean recovered fishing nets and other recycled materials. Modern bikini piece, one piece, full suits, half suits and pouch  that  fit  athletic needs.

Made using the ECONYL® yarn

*About 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear end up in our oceans every year.

Their commitment goes beyond the usage of the regenerated ECONYL® yarn; Woodlike Ocean is a partner member 1% For The Planet®. For every purchased piece you make a direct donation to the Healthy Seas Initiative. One of their main activities is to organise divers for the recovering of ghost fishing nets used within the ECONYL® yarn.

*The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and The Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) Estimation: “Abandoned, Lost Or Otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear Report”


SUMMERLOVE SWIMWEAR® is an environmentally and ethically conscious swimwear line that blends fashion-forward designs with luxe eco fabrics to create swimsuits that are fun, flirty, affordable and make going green sexier than ever before.
Designed and manufactured in California, SUMMERLOVE SWIMWEAR features a range of mix and match separates made exclusively from VITA, a sustainable techno-fabric with ECONYL®, a 100% recycled polyamide fiber that’s made from pre and post-consumer materials such as discarded fishing nets recovered by the Healthy Seas initiative. Every year, around 640,000 tons of fishing gear is lost or left in the ocean. The gear traps, injures, and kills hundreds of thousands of sea animals. Abandoned fish nets, known as ‘ghost nets’, are usually lost in storms, snagged on reefs or tangled when boats operate in crowded waters. But the Healthy Seas Initiative has given these nets a second life. Working with local fishermen, they retrieve the nets and instead of sending them to a landfill, they partner with a textiles company who use them to produce a recycled nylon called ECONYL®. This recycled material is then used to make a number of products like our eco swimwear.

Koru Swimwear

Koru Swimwear uses only swimwear fabric derived from 100% regenerated polyamide made by ECONYL®.  ECONYL® works in partnership with to use discarded fishing nets pulled from our oceans to make the regenerated yarn in our fabrics.

Their apparel is made using sustainable and organic fabrics that eliminate the use of harmful herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.  We also extend our environmental approach into everything we do, from using recycled paper hangtags, to packaging our swimwear in compostable clear bags made from plant materials.

Lea The Label

They believe in sustainability and protecting our planet. We created Léa the Label premium swimwear with the highest luxe Eco-friendly Italian fabrics in collaboration with ECONYL®.

Their swims are resistant to chlorine and sun-tan oils. They are UV protective and feel ultra smooth—ensuring the best-fit and long lasting wear.

They value meticulous craftsmanship and provide a diverse range of silhouettes designed to mix and match, while maintaining a balance of comfort, quality and style. 

Léa the Label expresses contemporary refinement and bold eccentricity. The collections are a balance of minimalism and statement while remaining timeless.

Sage LARock

SAGE LAROCK offers a modern image of luxury - clothing that is naturally beautiful both inside and out. Clothing entirely from sustainable, recycled or organic materials and produce ethically and locally, using non-toxic and plant based dyes.

They use only sustainable fabrics such as organic OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, Italian recycled poly fabric, which is made of recycled fishing nets and plastic debris recovered from the ocean, and extra soft hemp jersey, which is grown and produced without any chemicals. They don't use fabrics such as rayon or viscose that are sourced from controversial forest areas, or the world’s ancient and endangered forests.