Organic Beauty Tools

Skin Gym Rollers

You can find this skin roller at @erewhonmarket, or on their website, click the shop now button.

It is actually a skin workout!

💗Handcrafted Rose Quartz is made of natural gems. It stimulates collagen, reduces puffiness and eliminates toxins. It contours the face while helping to smooth lines and wrinkles.

It reduces dark under-eye circles while promoting lymphatic drainage. Using specific techniques it also helps to reduce sinus and pressure. When it is refrigerated, it extends the coolness that toughens pores.

💗It can be applied on the forehead, nose, lips, chin, jawline, and neck.The small roller can be used around the eye area. Made by @skingymco, cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals. Made by real stones! 

Maxim Organic Cotton 

No pesticides, GMOs, or chemicals in any of Maxim  products, just pure and soft 🍃GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that saves 91% of clean water 💦 and 94% energy.⚡ ​
​Their collection includes 

🍃Certified organic cotton rounds,

🍃organic facial wipes,

🍃organic swabs,

🍃organic cleansing pleats,

🍃cotton balls,

🍃organic feminine products,

🍃travel packs and more! 

Their are my favorite cotton rounds brand!

Skin Gym  Rollers

I found these two at @erewhonmarket , they are a skin workout!
💗Hand crafted Rose Quartz and Jade rollers are made with natural gems. They stimulate collagen, reduce puffiness and eliminate toxins. They contour the face while helping to smooth lines and wrinkles.
💚They reduce dark under-eye circles while promoting lymphatic drainage. 
Using specific techniques they also help to reduce sinus and pressure. 
When they are refrigerated they extend the coolness that toughens pores.
💗They can be applied on the forehead, nose, lips, chin, jawline, and neck.
The small roller can be used around the eye area.
​💚Made by @skingymco , they are cruelty-free and they are free of harsh chemicals. Made by real stones! Who has tried facial rollers already?

Spatty Cosmetic Tool 

👏🏻 Finally, a way to make your favorite expensive beauty products last longer!! Do you know how much product goes wasted when their containers are thrown away? A Consumer Reports study estimates around 25%! Yes, it is a lot!
​💕 That’s why this problem-solving entrepreneur came up with this great idea: a cute handy cosmetic tool designed to reach what otherwise would be impossible! @the_spatty will allow you to use every last drop of your beauty products, serums, lotions, foundations, sunscreen, baby products, and even kitchen products!
It will reduce waste, it prolongs the use of your favorite beauty products, and effectively your products become 25% less expensive!
 ​💕 They are FDA approved, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and made in the USA! 
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Skin Gym Rollers

💗Hand crafted Rose Quartz roller is made with natural gem. Pink healing and anti-aging properties! Rose Quartz Facial Roller is cooling, tightening and detoxing, while it drains puffiness instantly! You can use it over masks, facial oils, serum or spring water! ​
​​It tightens pores, stimulates collagen, improves elasticity and promotes lymphatic drainage. ​It reduces dark under-eye circles and using specific techniques it also helps to reduce sinus and pressure. ​
​💗They can be applied on the forehead, nose, lips, chin, jawline and neck. The small roller can be used around the eye area. ​When refrigerated it extends the coolness for more effect.
​💚Made by @skingymco, it is cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals. Made by real stones! It is a beautiful tool, and easy to carry with you in your trips! Who has tried this skin workout? ​​

Stasher Bag  Eco-Friendly Bags
💖I am so excited to introduce you to th

💖I am so excited to introduce you to this amazing sustainable company that came out to reduce plastic pollution by offering these eco-friendly solutions: the super pretty silicon bags @stasherbag, made for us to help our planet!🌎

♻🍃With unlimited uses, reusable, made with durable silicon, patented seal and design. They are Microwave Safe, Fridge Friendly, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Strong and ready to cook. To store, to marinate, to cook, or freeze, to keep fresh cut veggies. They also take very little space when stored. 🍒🍉 Great for your food on the go, To carry documents, in your gym bag, as travel beauty cases: the clear window sandwich size is a TSA approved!✈ 💦It is waterproof, perfect for the beach or pool to store smartphones and devices.👙 In your purse, the pocket size to carry make-up, beauty tools or supplements. You can even write on them.👛 🐠They come in many sizes and colors and today is last day to get this beautiful Limited Edition Mermay Bundle, made to support marine creatures. 🐙

 With this bundle, you’ll save $5 and my code "prettyorganicgirl" will save you another 15% on your order!✨

⭐We can all feel like an environmental Hero every time we use @stasherbag, the safer and eco-alternative to plastic, by knowing that none of these bags will end up in the ocean near a beautiful turtle! 🐢

1% of all sales go to high-impact non-profits that protect our oceans. @1percentftp 🐬🐙✨ 🐢🐠💦👙🍒🍉 ♻🍃💖 🌎

Organic Round Cotton Swisspers

Little luxury🌾Certified organic cotton! Yes, because they are made with a superior cotton, they are softer and fuller. They are delicate even on sensitive skin. 🌸They are pure and stronger than conventional ones. They are great to remove makeup, polish change, refresh your skin anytime with spring water! 💋They are grown on organic farms where the soil, air, and water supply are respected! Because organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides!! Certified organic by ICEA (Institute Certification Ethical and Environmental) making sure this is all possible!!🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱luxurious beauty @swissperscotton

Preserve Eco-Friendly Razor 

🌸The EPA estimates that two billion razors go into landfills each year! For this summer season, find more eco-friendly alternatives, such as electric shavers or recycled razor!
🌸I found this razor by @preserveproducts, made with recycled yogurt cups! The blades and more than 90% of the handle are made in the USA! 🍃Designed for men and women, the razor's cartridge comes with five ceramic-coated blades for a very close shave. The lubricant strip, infused with cocoa butter and Aloe, helps prevent razor burn and it soothes sensitive skin! The packaging is a reusable travel case! 🐰No animal testing!
I found it at Thrive Market for $8.95 and with my link you can save 15% off your first order!💖

🌺Do you know how you can make your favo
Spatty Cosmetic Tool 

🌺Do you know how you can make your favorite beauty products last longer?! So much of your beauty product is left behind inside a cosmetic container that according to Consumer Reports is estimated to be about 25%! ​
🌿Yes, we basically throw away all this product just because we cannot reach it or see it. This entrepreneur found a simple way to catch every last drop of unused product with this pretty beauty tool @thespatty. Thanks to the flexible tip, it moves easily around the curves and corners of the containers allowing you to extract the remaining product. ​
✨Great for serum, toner, lotion, cream, conditioner, sunscreen, primer, foundation, BB cream, concealer, and skin corrector. They can even be used for other things, such as baby and kitchen products as well. ​
🌟With this, we can recuperate all unused product, reduce waste, and save 25% on the cost of the product! After 2 bottles of $20 each, you could save an average of $10 with it. The @thespatty will be paid off entirely, and with my code: prettyorganicgirl10 you can save an extra 10%!!
FDA approved, BPA free, Dishwasher safe and made in the USA.😉