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Bonnie Bio Compostable Waste Bag 

💖I am so excited to introduce you to this amazing sustainable company that came out to reduce plastic pollution by offering these eco-friendly solutions!🌎

🍃These bags are made from corn starch, which allows them to be compostable And biodegradable as per our BPI Accreditation. These bags have been manufactured to comply with the following composting & biodegradable standards: EN 13432 | AS 5810 | ASTM D6400 | ASTM D6868. These bags break down due to the exposure of oxygen, heat, UV Light & microbial activities. When these bags biodegrade / decompose, they create carbon dioxide, biomass, and water. The by products present no danger to the environment. No toxins are leached into the environment whilst decomposing. The ink used to print on these bags is a soy-based ink.

🐠 🐙 🐢

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