Organic 4th of July

Organic 4th of July must-have.

Organic barbeque,  

Organic grass-fed burgers, Organic hot dogs,

organic ice cream,

organic refreshing drinks,

organic dessert, chocolate,

organic outfit,

eco-friendly decor.  organic healthier party. Sustainable plates.

Sjaak's  USDA Certified Organic Chocolate Independence Day Assortment Pouch~ Vegan
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💖 This is by far my favorite organic chocolate brand!

You can’t get a more organic and delicious company than this female-owned, family-operated business based in California, specializing in organic and vegan chocolate, and dedicated to respecting the environment, community, and earth.

💖 A red, white, and blue assortment of bites in a commemorative, reusable pouch. Contains three of each of the following flavors:

  • maple sugar caramel coconut milk chocolate heart (paleo),

  • hazelnut butter melk® chocolate

  • solid white chocolate heart

🍃 USDA Certified Organic: all the ingredients used to make their handmade chocolate are made without synthetic or artificial ingredients, and no GMOs. They embrace biodiversity, and soil, and water preservation, giving even greater flavor to their gorgeous chocolate and candies.
🍃 Vegan: All their chocolate amazingly is vegan, no animal products are used, making them even more environmentally friendly. Dairy-free, egg-free, gelatin-free, and most importantly their sugar is bone char-free. (Yes, conventional sugar has bone char, primarily made using cattle and pig bones!!) 
🍃Kosher certified, in a gluten-free, dairy-free, and corn-free facility. What more can one ask?
The most natural, sustainable, certified chocolate brand I know. And are also incredibly scrumptious, the best I have ever had!! 

💖They are absolutely the best chocolate I have had, and also the healthiest chocolate you can get! I promise you! 

Fontana Candle Company Fresh Mint