Sustainable Shoes

Al Birds Men's Tree Dashers

🌍  The brand's most technical shoe yet, the Tree Dasher reimagines the traditional running shoe with natural materials engineered for serious performance.

Run confidently knowing we logged thousands of miles with 50+ amateur and pro athletes over a year-long testing period.

🍃 They knitted a unique one-piece upper made from FSC® Certified eucalyptus trees for a perfect fit that’s flexible, lightweight, and breathable in every step

  • Durable And Breathable Tree Material

  • Supportive Dual-Density Sugarcane Midsole

  • Designed For Maximum Energy Return

🍃  They added our signature ZQ Merino wool along the heel counter to center, support, and lock your foot in place.

Designed with a new outsole geometry, our sole brings together SweetFoam™ and natural rubber traction pads for increased pronation control and stability.

  • Renewable Materials

  • Machine Washable

  • Minimizes Odor

  • Flexibly Conforms To Your Movements

Al Birds Men Boat Shoes 
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🌍  These Men's trees Skippers are silky-smooth boat shoes made with responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber that fits naturally into any situation. 

🍃 Their proprietary knit feels silky smooth, breathable, and pleasantly cool thanks to eucalyptus tree fiber responsibly sourced from FSC® Certified forests.

🍃 Expertly cushioned, our proprietary foam with an S-curve tread makes the lightest sole possible and mimics the anatomical flexibility of your feet.

🍃 They layered castor bean oil, which emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam, and ZQ Merino wool for a cushiony, moisture-wicking, and odor-reducing insole.

🍃 CARE: Pull out the insoles and laces. Slip your shoes into a delicates bag and toss them in the washing machine—gentle cycle with cold water with your favorite organic detergent. When they’re done, shake off any excess water and let them air dry. 

Handy tips: Don’t put them in the dryer. And don’t worry, they’ll go back to their original shape in no time. You can hand wash your laces and insoles on their own.​

  • Renewable Materials

  • Machine Washable

  • Minimizes Odor

  • Flexibly Conforms To Your Movements

organic boots, organic hiking boots man

🌍  High-top lace-up boot in water resistant rubberised canvas featuring a distinctive overlay toe-cup and heel-counter in Fair Trade Rubber. High grip heavy cleated sole

  • Padded collar and tongue in natural latex foam

  • Featuring a highly comfortable Foot-Mattress™in natural latex foam and coconut fibre that moulds to your foot and provides superb air circulation (removable, allows for orthotics placement).

  • All rubber sections (including sole) are made of locally-sourced Fair Trade rubber, certified by the Fair Rubber Association.

  • 100% Vegan.

  • Solvent-free.

  • Made in Sri Lanka.

🍃MATERIALUpper-Rubberised 100% Organic Cotton Canvas - GOTS Certified and Natural Fair Trade Rubber

Lining- 100% Organic Cotton Canvas - GOTS Certified

Footbed- 100% Organic Cotton Canvas - GOTS Certified

Foot-Mattress- 5mm cushioning foam insole made from 60% Coconut Husk & 40% Natural Latex

Sole-100% Fair Trade Rubber

Sole Assembly-Vulcanised and Side Stitched

Feelgoodz Classic Flip-Flops  
100% Natural & Vegan Sandals
Feelgoodz Classicz Flip-Flops - 100% Natural and All-Vegan Sandals,

🌍  These flip flops are very confortable, resistant and high quality.Feelgoodz Men's Classicz

Crafted with our Signature Natural Rubber, the easy-going Classicz embody premium comfort from Thailand. The flexible rubber strap and ultra-soft footbed is designed for total comfort in the city or on the sand. Each pair supports our rubber farm partners and global artisans.​

🍃 Pillow-soft comfort that molds to your feet

🍃 Natural Rubber, Rubber sole

🍃 VEGAN - Feelgoodz Flip-Flops are 100% Vegan & All-Natural Sandals

🍃 ALL-NATURAL - Feelgoodz Signature All-Natural Rubber Construction from Consciously Sourced Rubber Farm Partners

🍃 SUPREME COMFORT - Pillow-Soft Comfort that Molds to your Feet

 🍃 RECYCLED - 100% Vegan and Recycled Rubber Outsole

🍃 FAIR TRADE - Our partnership communities in Thailand and Vietnam are empowered through fair-trade and consistent work opportunities and we support global artisans

Z Shoes Organic Shoes 
z shoes, organic shoes for men, sustainable natural non-toxic eco-friendly shoes for men

🌺 Do you know what is commonly found in shoes? Phthalates (used to soften plastic), arsenic, chromium, mercury, and lead! These pollutants are toxic for us, the workers, and they can also be released into remote areas, like mountain lakes and snowpacks! Sometimes, I bought shoes that smelled so strongly of chemicals that I didn't want to wear them!🙊 Do you know that there are shoes made without all that? ✨Yes! Z Shoes are made to respect us, the people who make them, and the environment! 🌍

🍃 100% organic, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable!! 🌳Their sole is made with Amazonian Sharinga rubber, their cotton is from regions of Peru, the line-up contains organic plant dyes from the Amazon, all fair-trade, safe, eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested and of course 100% cute!😍 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾They are also committed to offer fair labor practices, to built infrastructure for the communities, health care, and an education system, while ending human slavery @nfs

Created by a father and his son, who care about putting human dignity and environmental impact before profit!

👏We could not be more supportive of this company! Watch their videos on their website to learn more. They are very inspiring!

💪No plastic, no synthetic fibers, no pesticides, no chemicals, and no human trafficking and modern slavery here! 💚Only great shoes with a great mission. It is amazing to be part of this! They feel so good and they make you feel so good about it! 👫👫To join their movement, use the 20% off code: WEARYOURBELIEFS at, the link is on my profile!

😍I wear my beliefs with these amazing shoes 👟 I believe that we should buy without hurting anybody, the workers, the planet, or our health! 🌎 💚 How do you wear your beliefs?