Organic Hair Care Men

Hairprint Shampoo Natural Plant-Based Marine Bio-Active Shampoo 
  • Healthy Hair Comes From A Healthy Scalp - The Marine Bio-Active Shampoo Increases The Strength, Function & Resiliency Of The Scalp + Follicles

  • Reduces Excess Sebum & Amplifies Collagen Synthesis Significantly, Which Can Reverse The Damage And Impacts Of Aging. Made From Cultured Cells Of Wakame, An Edible Marine Algae Harvested From The Pure, Cold Icelandic Waters Of The North Atlantic. Fermentation Activates The Phenolic Compounds, Which Contain Powerful Antioxidants And Soothe Inflammation

  • Natural Ingredients - Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free

  • You May Notice That Some Of Hairprint's Ingredients Are Fermented. Many Plant Ingredients Are Not Bio-Available To The Skin Cells Unless They Are Broken Down By Lactobacillus Or Other Bacteria. Using Fermentation Tanks To Make Ingredients Effective Is More Expensive, But It Is Worth It

shine-herbal-hair-conditioner-MES_8.5 Oz
Miessence Organic Hair Conditioner

Miessence offers a complete line of organic hair care. Made in Australia with the purest ingredients, I have been using this brand for years especially their toothpaste, it still is the purest and clean around.

Their products are safe and certified organic by Australian certifications.

Here is their Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner, made with olive oil and nourishing moringa seed oil from Tanzania with pro-vitamin B5 and organic herbs. It restores hydration, conditioning while bringing protection thanks to olive oil properties. It also naturally balances the pH thanks to organic apple cider vinegar.

Use it every day after shampooing or use it to treat dry hair as an intense leave-in conditioner.

It smells very fresh with a forest scent, you know that is truly natural.

Hairprint Restore Hair Color Treatment

Hairprint is a brilliant scientific breakthrough that restores gray hair to its true color. It replenishes the natural pigment (eumelanin) found in brown and black hair that has turned grey. Hairprint is also a true protein treatment that will add body, strength, texture, and sheen while reducing frizz, and discoloration. This simple, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odor-free formula produces color so natural, it defies detection. This patented treatment can be applied at home in about 75-90 minutes.