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The Well Kitchen & Table

🍃WE ARE COMMITTED to using high-quality, local and organic ingredients whenever possible. We only use grass-fed or pasture-raised proteins, wild-caught seafood, pastured eggs and grass-fed dairy products, and our commitment to quality is reflected in our prices.

WHEN YOU’RE HERE, YOU KNOW your meal is made with care and intention and is free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, inflammatory oils, fillers, stabilizers, added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and GMOs.💚

Burger Village - all organic 

🍃Whether one prefers to eat meat, or is vegan or wants to eat gluten free, everyone can enjoy a great meal here together. 🍃They have many organic options including burgers, soups, organic beer and organic wines. We have many vegan options including salads, veggie burgers, organic black bean burger, mushroom burger, Beyond burger and Impossible burger. We have gluten free options including GF buns, veggie burgers, organic chicken wings, organic soups and salads.

🍃They even have a GF flourless chocolate cake! The beef is not only grass fed but also grass finished. Plus they have a grass fed Kobe beef hot dog! Delicious organic shakes and handcrafted organic certified sweetened sodas.

💚all organic meal

Skinny Pizza

💙Amazing! Organic Pizza in New York



Pasta is GMO-free, cholesterol-free, egg-free, low in sodium and high in fiber, Pizza crusts are made without Potassium Bromate 

💚100% organic, pure and simple, it can’t get cleaner than this!