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Ora Organic Beyoutiful

💖Ready for Valentine’s Day?
Here is a tip: shop only organic and sustainable brands for any occasion!
👏In this way you support these amazing brands that work so hard to give us safer and better products over conventional brands!
💚This is a new product listed in my organic blog!
Made by this approved organic plant-based brand, this organic beauty supplement is for your hair, skin, and nails!
🍃Packed with essential nutrients designed to help and support glowing skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails. Their secret? A combination of organic vitamins Bs and organic carotenoid called astaxanthin, an oxidant that flamingos eat and that make them pink and glossy!🦩
Proven to not only improve the skin’s elasticity and moisture but to protect from ultraviolet light exposure without turning pink like the flamingos! 😉
Results: skin is hydrated and protected while getting more beautiful!✨
✅Plus they are Third-party tested for quality! So we can all trust them even more!
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If you are vegan and or trying to be more eco environmentally conscious, this brand is for you!

INGREDIENTS: Organic Quinoa Sprouts Extract, Organic Green Algae (Haematococcus pluvialias) Whole Plant Extract (astaxanthin) , Organic Bladderwrack Whole Plant Extract (Fucoidan) , Bacillus subtilis , Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Vegan Capsule (Pullulan) 

USDA certified organic protein powder ora organic
Ora Organic Plant Protein Powder

🍃WAY better than Whey! It is perfect for people like me, who want to avoid dairy products while having protein! This is a superfood protein powder, with 19g of protein per serving size and 1g of sugar, and the taste of vanilla chai latte!
🍃It is certified organic, plant-based, chef-created, made with organic pea, organic sprouted rice, organic sprouted quinoa, organic acai, organic berries, organic kale, and organic wheatgrass. Wheatgrass delivers energy and it is perfect before a workout!
🍃 It is made without mysterious ingredients found in many protein powders, like artificial colors or flavors, synthetic pesticides, or GMOs. It has an organic digestive enzyme blend that makes it easy to digest! Certified organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, vegan! 💚

Ora Sun-kissed Skin Protection
Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 11.34.17 AM.png

🍃Sunscreen is your number one defense against sun damage, but we bottled up some of nature’s best superheroes to help bolster your defenses inside and out! 

🍃Rejuvenate sun-damaged skin† and support a healthy response to UV and blue light exposure† with this antioxidant-rich capsules featuring astaxanthin, fucoidan, and carotenoids.
The sun's UV rays can cause oxidative stress in skin cells and ultimately lead to dark spots, wrinkles, and dehydrated skin.

🍃The antioxidants found in Sun-kissed have been researched for their potential to support your skin's natural defense against oxidative stress, reduce inflammatory signaling and markers of aging in skin cells and reduce collagen degradation in response to UV exposure.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Olive (Fruit) Extract, Organic Beet Root Juice Powder, Organic Algae Astaxanthin Powder, Organic Apple (Fruit) Powder, Natural Mixed Carotenoids Powder, Vegan Capsule (Pullulan)