Organic w/o Free Glutamate Food

Do you know that food companies add these food additives to create more dependence on their products and these are free glutamate form? Free Glutamate is responsible for Autism, ALS, and other physical or mental disorders. Restaurants are full of these ingredients and you can learn how to shop in other  by reading the ingredients list. Here is the full list of ingredients to avoid 

💙Amazing! Organic almond milk made with only 2 ingredients: Organic almonds and filtered water! That’s it! No sugar added, carrageenan, gums, or emulsifiers, just real food, that means more protein and healthy fats for you!

💚100% organic, pure and simple, it can’t get cleaner than this! You can find at @eatalyla USDA certified organic, non GMOs verified, BPA free bottles, made in California! 

Organic Almond Milk
Organic Jam Alce Nero

 🍓😋I was looking for a jam without citric acid or pectin (both form of free glutamate) .

I found this Italian brand Alce Nero! You can find it at eataly or online

🍓This jam is made with simple ingredients:Apricots*, grape sugar*, lemon juice*. *Organic

It tastes sooo good!

Made with over 100% fruit (per 100 grams of finished product). The vacuum-pan method involves low temperatures and extremely short cooking times, which leave the aroma, scent, and flavor of the apricots essentially intact.

🍃Made in Italy in organic farms it comes in different flavors! They are all delicious! 😋🍎🍊🍓  Certified organic, gluten free. 

Organic Turkey Breast

 😋There few companies that offer USDA Certified Organic turkey and you can find them at whole food and erewhon market and other grocery stores. Almost all of them contain unnecessary ingredients such as carrageenan, natural flavors or other additives ( Free glutamate). I finally found this one at Trader's Joe: not only has the ingredients I was looking for (turkey, salt, water) it is also the most reasonable in price. Organic, no free glutamate and tasty! 😋🍎🍊🍓  Certified organic, gluten free.