Spoonk Space Organic Massage Mat
💚When you buy a mattress, pillow, or ma

💚When you buy a mattress, pillow, or massage mat, be sure to read its list of materials. I personally avoid memory foam, since it consists of mainly of polyurethane and chemicals, which I think smells toxic! 🙊 ​According to the EPA, the making of flexible polyurethane of memory foam releases hazardous emissions. 💨❌They include: methylene chloride, toluene, and methanol. They irritate the nose and throat, central nervous system, can cause nausea, and reproductives effects. And, funny enough, memory foam can also cause memory loss! Hey, maybe that’s how it got its name!😁 ​​​🍃When choosing any mats, read the material list and check that is only made with natural components like in this massage mat.  Safer and clean like all mats should be. ​
​​🌿Spoonk made from organic hemp, organic cotton, GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile), and with high-quality plant-based foam with no toxic off-gassing chemicals.

This mat, besides being made with the most natural material I found, is also a therapeutic mat made to release the therapeutic effects of an acupressure massage. 💆‍♀️A new tool for a relaxing home spa day or anywhere you need to recharge. ​
​​🌸Once you lay down, these stimulating 6210 needle points start to work on you. They release pressure, improving joint and muscle soreness after a workout.
💖Many celebrities use it regularly, including Miranda Kerr, and influencers like The Food Babe. After trying it myself, I can see why Miranda Kerr appears refreshed when she lands after a long flight!✨✈️ 

🌺How to get massage benefits without go
Spoonk SPace Organic Massage Mat

🌺How to get massage benefits without going to the spa?
Spoonk Organic Hemp Mat gives you the healing effects of acupressure in the comfort of your home. It is the only brand to use an eco-friendly, plant-based, non-toxic eco-foam, and is clinically tested. ​​
​ 🌸By stimulating 6210 trigger points at the same time, it will put you in a deep relaxation state, just like a professional massage. It replicates the effects of Japanese Shiatsu, with the benefits of massage relaxation. I tried it and it works! You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, just like you get out of a spa treatment. ​​
​ 💖It comes in a regular size and a travel size, great for a flight and trip, like supermodel Miranda Kerr does, or as a reflexology foot massage. You can use it after a workout and yoga, or for an abdominal massage to help digestion. You can roll the mat for a localized neck and head treatment to release tension. ​​
🌿Made with GOTS Certified Organic Hemp and cotton, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Made in the USA, CertiPur-US eco-foam, PBDE flame retardant free.
 Are you ready to get pampered with an eco-friendly and affordable home spa treatment?