Organic  Cooking Oil

Toxic Cooking Oils to Avoid 

🤢Avoid these toxic cooking oils!
They are the most unhealthy oils you could get.
Plus they are all packed in plastic bottles!
❌Highly processed, GMOs, too high in omega-6
cheap to make and highly toxic, extracted with the neuro-toxins hexane.
I avoid all these inflammatory oils:
👉Canola oil, corn oil, soybeans oil, vegetable oil blends, peanut oil, sunflowers, and safflower oil!
I strictly avoid restaurants that use these oils! If you don’t know which oil they are using, ask your restaurant!
We all deserve healthier options!


✅The best alternative is:
USDA Certified Organic, unrefined, expeller-pressed:
Certified Organic Extra Virgin olive oil
🥥Certified Organic Virgin Coconut oil
🥑Cold pressed avocado oil
🧈Grass fed butter and ghee