Using only Organic and Safe Ingredients found in Nature. Pure Plant Extracts and Organic Essential Oils.

Organic Essential Oils

Organic Body Shimmer Oils

Reves De Sabine Organic
Body Shimmer Oils

⭐️Many of us have been focusing more on skincare, while reducing the amount of make-up application. We want to be presentable for our Zoom calls with our friends, video celebrations, and family party and work video calls.⭐️We have been reducing our exposure by limiting our time in the sun, resulting in a more pale look lately. ​​
​ ⭐️ Reves De Sabine has found a way to warm up our natural skin tone, thanks to her Bronze Glow body shimmer oil. It gives the skin a natural shimmer✨, while its essential oils softly moisturize, resulting in a softer skin to the touch. While there are many shimmer products on the market made with toxic or questionable ingredients, this is the most natural one, made with only pure and organic ingredients. 🌿Made with organic MTC oil, natural mica, and organic essential oils. ​​
​ ⭐️I tried it and not only does it feel great on my skin, it glows with a healthy look, illuminating my skin tones. 💫I was also impressed with the natural fragrance, a combination of 🌷organic French jasmine, 🌸gardenia, and 🌺Madagascar ginger. So good! ​​
​ ​ ​ 🍃Eco-friendly packaging with its glass bottle. Even better, besides supporting the environment, @ Reves De Sabine supports the community: until May 31st, 10% of orders will be donated to the local food banks and food share. ​​👏🏻🎉To make it better, my code PrettyOrganicGirl15 will save you 10%. 

⭐️Let’s add some shimmer to the summer season! ​ ​ ​

 100% Pure All Over Glow Bronzer

☀️Summer glow! Available in two shades, All Over Glow bronzer by 100% Pure is a great way to add that healthy skin look! ✨With its light reflective and golden pigments, it gives off a healthy glow. You can apply it over your moisturizer or mix with your foundation, or just apply where you want to create more reflection.

✨It is great when mixed with your moisturizer on your legs or décolleté in the evening or with your sunscreen at the beach. So many ways to add that sun glow. Made with organic aloe juice, pomegranate, peach, cocoa, goji berry, acai berry, and mica.

🍃The cleanest bronzer around. Vegan, Cruelty-free, glass jar. You can find it on my link! 💕