Organic Tips 

🍵Have you ever heard of “Bieler’s broth”? Well, it is not just soup, but is considered medicine! Created by Henry Butler, author of “Food is Your Best Medicine,“ this healing soup has been the favorite meal of many Hollywood celebrities, such as Greta Garbo and Lucille Ball.💚 This detoxing soup has incredible properties and benefits, such as restoring acid-alkaline and sodium- potassium balances to organs and glands, beneficial especially for relaxing the adrenal glands. The broth also supports the liver in its detoxifying function. It cleans, supports, and relaxes at the same time and it is delicious! 😋Who wants to try it? Great! It is very easy to make. You will just need a combination of lightly cooked:

🍵 1️⃣String Beans 2️⃣Celery 3️⃣Zucchini4️⃣Parsley 
Boil them in water, blend them, and the soup is ready! 👏 
Use only organic produce for this soup. Remember to check:
🍆Fresh produce stickers starting with the number 9=organic. ❄️Frozen produce USDA organic seal on the packaging 
It is so easy to prepare, you can also make it in a batch, so you can use it for 3 days to enhance the detoxing effect in your organs and glands!  💚It is vegan, all vegetable based, GF, dairy-free and highly digestible. You will feel nourished, while detoxified with its cleansing and calming effects in every sip! Which is your favorite detoxing method?  Another great picture by @choosingchia 💕

For gluten-free products, buy only when they show a  certified Gluten-free logo.