Organic Collars & Leashes

💕 🐶    Are you looking for a safer pet collar and leash that protects your pets and the environment??🍃  🌿
 🎉 Congratulations, you just found it!!

These are perfect, if you want to keep your pets away from synthetic materials, such as nylon, plastic, polymers, or toxic anti-flea and ticks collars or non-vegan animal product material such as leather.

💖 These cute collars and leashes are made with 100% organic bamboo 🎋  and responsible natural dyes. 🍃
They are hypo-allergenic, anti- microbial, soft and comfortable for your pets and convenient for you, they are durable and machine washable! 💦

🎋  The organic bamboo is made with 100% renewable and non-GMO plant material, without the use of herbicides or pesticides found in conventional soy and hemp. 🍃

🐕  The lightweight hardware is comfortable yet strong so they can wear them all the daylong!

☀🌳 Now your dog is ready for a Happy adventure! 🐶  🎀  🐾