Organic Cotton Round 

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Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

⭐️ Stop filling up landfills with disposable makeup wipes! These eco-friendly bamboo makeup remover pads are reusable, washable, and incredibly soft. They’re perfect for helping you gently remove makeup, oils, sweat, and dirt from the day’s comings and goings. The 14 bamboo/cotton rounds stay strong for wash after wash after wash. Just throw them in their 100% cotton laundry bag and wash away!

Set includes 14 eco-friendly, reusable rounds and 1 cotton, drawstring laundry bag.

INGREDIENTS: Bamboo and Cotton Weave from North America

BENEFITS: Cotton is a highly popular fabric as it is breathable and considered hypoallergenic.


Reusable facial rounds bamboo & cotton

 🌸 Disposable cotton pads lead to a ton of waste, which is why we created these eco-friendly rounds made with bamboo and cotton. super-soft and highly absorbent, they can be machine-washed after every use.

This is definitely a more eco-friendly way.

includes 14 reusable rounds and one mesh bag

MATERIAL: 🌿 bamboo fibers are a fast-renewing resource, dry quickly, and have antibacterial properties
💫 easily absorbs makeup
☁️ cotton is gentle on the skin

USDA Certified organic cotton rounds
Organic Round Cotton Swisspers

🌾Little luxury certified organic cotton!

Yes, because they are made with superior cotton, they are softer and fuller. They are delicate even on sensitive skin.

🌸They are pure and stronger than conventional ones. They are great to remove makeup, polish change, refresh your skin anytime with spring water!

🌱They are grown on organic farms where the soil, air, and water supply are respected! Because organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides!! Certified organic by ICEA (Institute Certification Ethical and Environmental) making sure this is all possible!!

Maxim Organic Cotton 

No pesticides, GMOs, or chemicals in any of Maxim  products, just pure and soft 🍃GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that saves 91% of clean water 💦 and 94% energy.⚡ ​
​Their collection includes 

🍃Certified organic cotton rounds,

🍃organic facial wipes,

🍃organic swabs,

🍃organic cleansing pleats,

🍃cotton balls,

🍃organic feminine products,

🍃travel packs and more! 

Their are my favorite cotton rounds brand!

Each & Every Dissolvable Wipes 

🌸 Clean up your makeup routine with our new magic makeup wipes! These wipes are made from plants and treated with natural oils that remove makeup in an instant, leaving skin feeling clean and soft.

Each wipe dissolves completely in water leaving zero waste behind – a win for you and Mother Earth.  

🌸Never Throw Away a Makeup Wipe Again

MATERIAL:  Textured Wet Cloths



I don't recommend this product it is fake and  FALSE ADVERTISING!! NOT LABELED ORGANIC, MATERIALS NOT AS ADVERTISED.  The seals are fake and not approved. They come from China and reviewers complains about chemical smell.  It is sold on Amazon on this link