Product Safety Check


Products Safety Check 

Are your products toxic, greenwashing, or safe?

With the high demands for organic and eco-friendly products, marketing agencies have become more tricky and they developed a marketing misleading approach to the consumer called greenwashing! 

What is Greenwashing?

Green-washing marketing strategies are when companies want to sell us their toxic and polluting products making them pass as natural, safe, or organic!

  • They may use deceiving claims such as “non-toxic,” ''natural, "local" or even “organic” in their cheap to make and  NOT  eco-friendly products. Remember that these words are not legally regulated and if there isn't a USDA Organic Certification seal displayed on a product, they can say anything they want. 

  • They may deceive us by using green-colored packaging or carefully crafted graphics rappresenting nature or evokes an eco-friendly environment.

Their goal is to make think you are buying safe and eco-friendly products or service. They want to show they care when they are not: they are lying to us!

How to check if your products are toxic, greenwashing, or safe?

With 10+ years of career in product safety research, scientific, chemicals studies, and marketing master degree studies, I am able to spot products with toxic, controversial ingredients and with misleading marketing statements used by companies to sell their products. 


I designed this service to educate you and not be another victim of powerful marketing strategies!

FULL SAFETY ~ Check service 

It will give you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing if your products are toxic, greenwashing, or safe!

no more guessing or wondering. You will if you are investing in the right product!

The full safety check is designed to give you a complete analysis of your products.


Full safety check service includes:

Your products will be analyzed label by label, and each ingredient will be analyzed and labeled with a score:

  • SAFE: Approved! Your product is approved for safe use. 

  • GREENWASHING: Controversial! The products contain deceiving marketing messages called greenwashing. It contains controversial ingredients or materials. 

  • TOXIC: Not approved! Your products contain health hazards ingredients-material.

3 Phases of the Full Safety ~ Check service:


1. Phase: First your products will be checked and scanned for heavy metals and any other toxic ingredients that can expose you to unhealthy chemicals know under California Proposition 65 Warning list!

2. Phase: Your product will be analyzed by each ingredient and material listed on the products.

3. Phase: Your product will receive a score ​

  • SAFE:good job! You found a safe product you can keeping using or I can provide you an alternative to compare.

  • GREENWASHING: I will help you to find a safer and more trustable alternative product at no extra  fee

  • TOXIC: you would need to replace it with a safer one and I will help you with that no extra fee


$10       1 product check  

$85       10 products check    + free safer product  recommendation

$150     20 products check    + free safer product  recommendation