Product Safety Check


Products Safety Check 

Do you want to know if your products are toxic, greenwashing, or safe?

I will check that for you, I have 10 years of product research and scientific studies experience.  Marketing studies background to spot false statement or misleading marketing techniques used by companies to sell their products: greenwashing 

The full safety check is designed to give you the full picture of your products
Your products will be analyzed label by label, ingredient by ingredient.

It will give you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing if your products are toxic, greenwashing, or safe!

no more guessing or wondering if you invested in the right product.

1. First your products will be checked and scanned for heavy metals and any other toxic ingredients that can expose you to unhealthy chemicals know under California Proposition 65 Warning list!

2. Your product will be checked by each ingredient and material listed on the products.

3. Your products will receive a score: 

  • Toxic product: you would need to replace it with a safer one and I will help you with that no extra fee

  • Greenwashing product: I will help you to find a safer and more trustable alternative product at no extra  fee

  • Safe product good job! You found a safe product you can keeping using or I can provide you an alternative to compare.



$10      1 product check  + free CA prop 65 warning check + free safer replacement link

$25     10 products check   all above  + 5 free  EXTRA products checks

If you need more than 10 product checks,  I can create a 20% discount package for you!