Shower Filters

I was looking for a shower filter because I wanted to use a softer water on my skin and hair. Why I choose this shower filter for my personal use? Because they are tested  and certified by NSF® International,  full LIFETIME Limited Warranty

The WaterChef Premium Shower Filter System has an advanced ThermalGuard™ catalytic carbon technology to reduce exposure to chlorine.

The results are softer skin, less itchy and dry, healthier and smoother hair. 

The water pressure was even better then before for me and the appearance is:  the best good looking and good quality shower filter I found around. It  isn't made with plastic like the majority out there but nice looking metal, I choose the (Brushed Nickel) to match the rest of my bathroom.


 Polished Chrome

 Brushed Nickel

Odorless  PVC-Free, BPA- free

 5 Adjustable Spray Patterns

Stainless Steel Flex-Hose (with Metal Fittings)  

Non-Toxic, Odorless Silicone Liner (No PVC!)

This is their performance data sheet

NSF® Tested & Certified (NSF/ANSI Standard 177 for Chlorine Reduction)

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