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Organic Manuka Honey 
🌟Have you have seen Manuka honey in gro

🌟Have you have seen Manuka honey in grocery stores or somewhere online? You are probably wondering why it is so expensive… because it is a premium, different, potent form of honey found in limited quantities in New Zealand and southeastern Australia, whose properties were first discovered by the indigenous Maori.🌿
🐝Manuka honey is produced by European honey bees collecting nectar from New Zealand manuka trees found in a remote wild volcanic area. It is sold as an alternative medicine. Manuka honey contains over 200 signature compounds not seen in other honeys, with higher antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.🌿
🍯Since it is so expensive and high in demand, there are counterfeit versions. New Zealand produces only 1700 tons per year of real Manuka honey, and there has been manuka-labelled honey that didn’t pass testing in Britain, China, and Singapore. ​​
🕵‍♀How to make sure it’s authentic NZ Manuka honey? ✅It must be tested and pass 5 tests by Manuka Honey Science Definition, including a DNA test. All honey labeled as mānuka for export must be tested by an MPI-recognised laboratory to make sure it meets the new mānuka honey definition. ​​
🍯To ensure you are buying genuine true-to-label Manuka honey, always buy genuine UMF™️ graded honey, like this one: @threepeaksnz , member of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) the independent organization who oversees the use of the UMF™️ quality trademark, and who supports industry leading scientific research about Manuka honey. ​​
💪Energy boosting, it supports the respiratory system, promotes digestive and gastrointestinal health, fights cough and colds, soothes the throat, for teeth and gum health, wound and skin healing, and makes for a luxurious face mask. To know more and to try the world renowned authentic Manuka honey, click the link on my profile.​​

Organic Bee Pollen

🎉I found an USDA organic bee pollen brand! It smells so good and it tastes great!😋
Bee pollen is considered to be one of nature's most complete foods. It contains most known nutrients, including practically all of the ones we human needs to survive (25% complete bioavailable protein, 18 amino acid, dozen vitamins, 28 minerals and more) 
✨Those tiny golden beads are packed with valuable amino acids choline and phenylalanine, which help to control hunger and appetite! They are packed with vitamins, including B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It has been shown that bee pollen increases metabolism and improve muscle mass. Rich in antioxidants, it supports skin, reduces puffiness and wrinkles thanks to collagen-repairing vitamin C and vitamin E!
💛So excited that I found this organic bee pollen: it is certified organic, non-gmo verified, gluten-free, in a glass container, finally! 1% of all proceeds from @greenbowus products will be donated to the @planet_bee Foundation! 🐝 I will buy it again! 🍯

Certified Organic Wheat Grass Juice 

🌷If you are looking to reverse your gray hair naturally, you find it!

Consuming wheatgrass on a regular basis has been shown to reverse gray hair back to its natural color. Fresh wheatgrass juice is super healthy and provides so many other benefits for your body, such as energy and stamina.

🌱A certified organic, non-GMO, raw wheatgrass juice from Garden of Life. Wheatgrass juice is a nutritionally dense green that provides an array of essential nutrients, like vitamin c, amino acids, beta carotenes, potassium, betaine, magnesium, and more.

You can add this powder to your daily juice for a quick shot of green energy, or in your daily smoothie.

Each serving is equal to 13wheatgrasss shots.

RAW  Vegan  Certified Organic Dairy Free Soy Free

🌱I tried it myself and it works!! I'm in a gluten-free diet but if you have celiac disease talk to your doctor.

Organic SuperFruit Noni

💚🍹Have you tried the superfruit Noni? Found in nutrient-rich soil and breezy tropics of Polynesian Islands, this superfood is a potent dense supplement, full of antioxidants, for your beauty and wellness. Noni juice not only helps to reduce cholesterol and inflammation, but it also provides the cellular repair. It naturally detoxifies while improving your skin and hair.

💪 It is a natural energizer that improves endurance and physical performance. It is found also in beauty products. It is taken in small quantities, like a shot.  

💚 Have you tried it? Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of noni! 

If you have GERD or acid reflux skip this and check my page.

Organic Carob -Chocolate alternative 

🌸 Carob is the perfect replacement for chocolate if you have acid reflux or GERD. Chocolate has been shown to relax the LES stomach allowing the acid to come up.  I use it regularly in my smoothies with banana and bosh pers, spinach, and almond butter. All alkaline ingredients! Here also the carob chocolate-like bars.

You can learn more with dr Aviv book