Organic Cotton Swabs

The best way to buy organic cotton swabs is to look for the organic certification on the packaging. Look for GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Another eco-friendly alternative is the reusable swab listed below.

organic cotton swabs, plastic-free swabs
Maxim Organic Cotton Swabs

No pesticides, GMOs, or chemicals in any of Maxim  products, just pure and soft 🍃GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that saves 91% of clean water 💦 and 94% energy.⚡ ​
​Their collection includes 

🍃MADE FROM 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON – These swabs are made from ICEA Certified organic cotton. The cotton swabs contain no synthetics like wood pulp, rayon, or viscose.

  • MULTI PURPOSE COTTON SWABS– Once parents see how wonderfully they work on their baby, they start using them too! Use these baby toiletries to clean your ears, apply makeup, apply first aid ointment, and even help clean your home.

INGREDIENTS: GOTS certified organic cotton

organic cotton swabs, plastic-free swabs
Cotton Swabs Organic by Sky Organics

⭐️ ​100% Pure  GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. That means there were no pesticides or insecticides used in the manufacturing of this consciously made cotton.

  • Soft & Durable Cotton Swabs: Sky Organics Cotton Swabs have an ultra-soft yet durable design making them soft and gentle on the skin. Ideal for gently cleaning around the outer surface of the ear, and a variety of beauty and personal care uses.

  • Responsibly Made: Sky Organics Cotton Swabs are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, made with responsibly sourced, organic cotton, and are free of chlorine and fragrance.

  • dual-ended cotton swabs are perfect for moving eye makeup, applying ointment and balms, gently cleansing the ears, nose

INGREDIENTS: GOTS certified organic cotton

Last Swab Basic, Blue
organic cotton swabs, plastic-free swabs

🍃Swap out your traditional cotton swabs for LastObject, the world's first reusable and sustainable alternative.

Designed in Denmark, they're made using TPE—a rubber-like material—that eliminates up to 1,000 single-use swabs and reduces 💦  water consumption, land use, and carbon footprints. To use, wash with soap and water and pop it back into the case.

  • ✔️ ENVIRONMENTAL - LastSwab is a reusable, sustainable and sanitary alternative to qtips cotton swabs, cotton buds, and Q tips. One Last Swab is meant to replace 1000 single-use cotton swabs.

  • ✔️ DURABLE MATERIAL - High-quality and innovative design. The reusable swab is made of a stiff, compact nylon core with flexible and soft medical silicone on each end.

  • ✔️ CARRY CASE MADE OF CERTIFIED OCEAN-BOUND PLASTIC - Comes with a convenient and carrying case that keeps your reusable q tip stored away safely. The packaging it comes in is made of eco friendly cardboard, Comes in handy to use it as travel qtips.

  • ✔️ ZERO WASTE Q-TIPS - Let’s free our lives from single-use items. Every year, trillions of single-use plastic products are consumed and thrown away. By purchasing LastSwab you are helping reduce harmful waste to positively impact our environment.

INGREDIENTS: Recycled ocean waste plastic, TPE, PP

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BRANDLESS Organic Cotton Swabs

🌏 A medicine cabinet essential, our chlorine-free cotton swabs clean behind the ears, remove makeup & rid cuticles of last week's nail polish. Contains 200 swabs.
🌿Great quality and great price for an organic product.

Their pacahing is also plascti-free

100% Organanic Cotton 

Chlorine free

MATERIALEach box contains 200 double tipped, organic cotton swabs.