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Vogmask Organic 

Vogmask Organic Face Masks 

🍃😷 Wearing a face covering with filters makes me feel protected and confident that I am protecting myself and the community.
Every time I go out, even just for a walk outdoors, I grab my mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer.
😷 My mask is always with me and if I need to go to a place where I know there are people around, wearing a face-covering is the best protection, because sometimes respecting social distancing can be more challenging.
👏 It is nice to meet other people who are doing the same, which feels like we are all collaborating for a better future and a faster recovery. We are all helping each other and we all have the same goal and mission.
🙏 We look at each other with grateful appreciation for our responsible behavior.
🌿 Thankfully, there so many companies now that have come up with more eco-friendly options, from organic hand sanitizers to eco-friendly PPE, with organic materials that protect our health.
💚 One of my favorite masks is made with organic cotton, which is better for our skin and better for the planet, like this one by Vogmask

Vogmask Head strap accessory
😷 Wearing an organic mask not only gives us the safety and protection we all need now, but it can make you feel like an environmentalist hero. It gives me the opportunity to say: I did my part and I am proud of it!

Vogmask Organic Protective Mask
Certified Organic Cotton face Mask with filter

🍃 I tried several masks and while many of them have a chemical smell, this has no such smell. It is made with organic material.

Vogmask Organic is a simple, reusable filtering mask of GOTS Certified organic cotton inner and outer layer, highly efficient particle filtering media, NO carbon filter, and NO exhalation valves. Trim and ear loops are made of 96% cotton with 4% latex-free spandex.

🍃 VMC2V FEATURES ~ Superior protection for PM 2.5 particles in air pollution and other microscopic airborne contaminants.  The dual exhalation valve facilitates the exit of moisture and CO2 from the interior of the mask. Inner and outer layers made from organic cotton. Adjustable Vogmask Head Strap Accessory can be purchased separately to assure proper fit. 

🍃 Made of: Outer face blanks organic cotton, Exhalation valve (s), Coconut shell carbon bonded to textile, N99 efficiency particle filtering nanofiber, Inner face blank (microfiber or organic cotton), Aluminum nosepiece, Sew-in identifier tag, Latex-free spandex trim, and the ear loop.

🍃 ECO-FRIENDLY ~ Vogmasks are reusable for about 6 months to over one year depending on air quality conditions.

Size Medium,    Size Large 

Vogmask Head Strap Accessory


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