Organic Charcoal

🌿 I noticed that many charcoals on the market are listed with California Proposition 65 warning

I searched and listed here the best charcoal on the market made with organic and natural charcoal, no additives and no heavy metals, and no warning. 

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Earthley Activated Charcoal Capsules

🌿Activated Charcoal Capsules are the natural and effective way to detox! Charcoal is known to help remove toxins, which can improve kidney health, relieve gas and diarrhea, and more. Whatever you’re looking to detox, our Charcoal Capsules are the convenient and natural way to support your journey!

• Supports detox

• Purifies blood

• Removes toxins

🌿Activated Charcoal Capsules provide natural detoxification support. By binding toxins to your intestinal system, charcoal can help eliminate toxins and prevent them from getting into the blood. This can lead to many benefits like reducing intestinal inflammation and damage, reducing abdominal pain, clearing toxins from medications, purifying the blood, and more.

Derived from coconut shells, Vegan, Made in the USA

INGREDIENTS: Activated charcoal (derived from coconut shells), Vegetable capsules (hydroxymethylcellulose, water)