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It is my Birthday Soon!

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I am so grateful to have this amazing community,  I enjoyed chatting and sharing our opinions and finding new brands. 

If you are here it is because you are a part of my community and you are my friend.

My research is fundamental to delivering the best products to you!


I rely a lot on my computer for this!

My current computer has been great and is now showing signs that it needs to be replaced soon; it is very slow, slowing my work and taking more time than necessary to operate, especially since I am updating my website daily! 

That means I need a new computer!

In this way, I can spend that time instead answering your questions, replying to your emails, and direct messages on Instagram, and providing answers to each of you, without leaving anyone behind.


In a faster, better way, I can deliver my services.  I can then dedicate more time to each of you and spend the time on researching, sharing, responding to DMs and emails, or helping my community.

By replacing it soon, I can operate better, faster, and continue offering even better content.

Would you participate in celebrating my birthday?

My birthday is in September and the new Apple MAC Air computer is already out.

Your contribution is a Birthday gift to me that supports my research and website. It will improve my services by expediting my research and my sharing of better products. It will benefit the entire PrettyOrganicGirl community, while allowing me to deliver a better, faster service to all of you!


Any amount is appreciated and you will be a part of this celebration! Don't forget to add your name, so I know who you are!


Thank you to all of you, who keep supporting what I do!



More about me!

As you may already know, I am based in Los Angeles, I am an environmentalist, and activist motivated to respect and protect OUR health and the health of our planet.

My name is Susanna,  I have been blogging and recommending better products, brands, and services since 2016. When I created this website and my Instagram profile, with the mission to educate YOU, to share my passion and research for an organic lifestyle,  while disclosing toxic and greenwashing products.

I started to search for safer products and services more than a decades ago,  when I could not find an online page where I could shop only  certified organic brands under the same roof, I made one:




IT IS MORE THAN 400 PAGES FEATURING, 1500 links, and  data from more than 10 YEARS of researching the best organic products on the market 







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