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Organic Basics ~ TENCEL™ Lite Bralette

Classic triangle-shaped bralette made with an eco-friendly wood pulp fiber called TENCEL™.

Made with TENCEL™ Lyocell — these are long-lasting essentials that feel soft and smooth against your skin.

Made in better working conditions means with living wages, no child labor, freely chosen employment and respect for the environment

The PETA "Vegan Approved" logo indicates that the product is cruelty-free - and that it does not contain any animal products or by-products.

  • Lite Bralette is made in an eco-friendly wood pulp fiber called TENCEL™

  • Softer than silk and smoother than cotton

  • Classic triangle shape with soft elastic underband and cut out

Colors: rose nude here in the picture, white, black, oak, navy, light blue, and cobalt. Size from XS to XL.

If you get the top and bottom there are savings.

To see all the options click the link shop now.

MATERIAL: 95% lyocell TENCEL™, 5% elastane. Made in Portugal

Organic Basic Organic Cotton Socks
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🍃It is a reminder of how precious fresh water is and reflect on how we can preserve it.💚Here is my eco-tip:
👉DO YOU KNOW: It takes 713 gallons of water to make a non-organic cotton T-shirt. 💧713 gallons of water is enough for a person to drink for 900 days.💦The water consumption of organic cotton is 91% lower than conventional cotton.
❌AVOID CONVENTIONAL COTTON: conventionally grown cotton requires unsustainable amounts of water and chemical pesticides, which has a harsh effect on the environment and on the workers’ health as well.
❌AVOID GREENWASHING COTTON: when a brand claims natural or even organic without showing the certification seal, it has something to hide. To be truly organic, the brand and the products need to adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
🍃Sustainable fashion and water preservation is possible with
✅CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON which saves 91% of water use, is chemical-free and is softer than conventional cotton. And gets even softer with each wash.

👉By choosing organic, you not only give your skin the purest cotton, but also support sustainable cotton farming and PRESERVE WATER USE. REMEMBER: The only way to know that cotton is truly organic, is when it carries the GOTS seal! 🎉GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) 🌿is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for fibers that certifies the product does not have toxic heavy metal, pesticides, GMO, chlorine bleaching, toxic dyes, PVC, (all things that conventional cotton has)!  💦PLUS organic cotton saves 91% of water consumption during production! Yaay!👏💖This is my favorite sock brand.
This brand has an amazing certified organic collection for women and men. I tried their underwear line. I approve of them. 🎉Let’s preserve water together!

MATERIAL: 80% GOTS organic cotton, 17% nylon, 3% elastane