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eco friendly Wooden Toothbrushes

Do you know that every plastic toothbrush you have used in your life still exists?

Yes, even the toothbrush you used when you were a child , it is still there along with all the other toothbrush you used. Over 5 Billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year worldwide. Plastic never biodegrades because it is not part of nature’s food chain. To use and dispose of plastic toothbrushes is a habit that cannot sustainably continue.


🌿If you are shocked as me than here is what we can do: from now on let’s use only toothbrush made with eco-friendly, sustainable sourced like bamboo, wood and plastic-free bristles. Stop to support big polluting brands that keep producing plastic toothbrushes without being responsible on what they are causing to are planet and living specie, especially marine life. 

💚My favorites are here. 🌸🌿

eco friendly organic toothbrush vegan kids
USDA Certified 100% Biobased Bristles 

🌸🍃World’s First and Only Plant-based Bamboo Toothbrushes. We use USDA certified 100% Biobased Bristles, a Bamboo Handle, and Compostable Packaging. Over 5 Billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year worldwide. Quit plastic, Brush with Bamboo.

Every part of this toothbrush is plant-based: bristles, handle, and box.

  • Soft bristles made from 100% Castor Bean Oil. USDA Certified 100% Biobased. Bristles made in Germany.

  • Bamboo handle.

  • The box encasing the toothbrush is made from paper – no tape or glue is used.

  • Your bamboo toothbrushes can be used for just as long as plastic toothbrushes.

  • USDA Certified Biobased. Green American Certified. Vegan. BPA-Free. Natural and Non-toxic.

  • INGREDIENTS: Soft bristles made from 100% Castor Bean Oil. USDA Certified 100% Biobased. Bristles made in Germany and Bamboo handle.

eco friendly organic toothbrush vegan kids made in the USA
Green Panda Natural Bamboo Toothbrush (Made USA) 


  • Sustainable Bamboo

  • 100% Biodegradable and compostable

  • Cradle to Cradle (Born from Sustainable bamboo returned to earth as compost)

  • When its done "its a stick", Simply put in your compost pile

  • more info at

  • The GreenPanda Bamboo Toothbrush is an environmentally friendly product designed to be 100% biodegradable. This eco-friendly alternative to plastic is made from bamboo, a naturally renewable resource. verified BPA free. In an effort to create an entirely sustainable product, GreenPanda doing our part to reduce the plastic pollution crisis, GreenPanda offers an environmentally conscious product approved by 9 out of 10 pandas!

eco friendly organic toothbrush vegan kids radius
RADIUS Eco-friendly Toothbrush 

Thanks to replacement-head technology and a handle made from re-purposed materials, this thoothbrush reduces waste by 93%! 

100% vegetable-based nylon brushes!

Composed of repurposed and recycled materials — like wood, paper, coconut shell, starch, hemp and even recycled dollar bills — for a beautiful, natural look and feel.

Source Floss Brush, Super Soft in Wood Color, BPA Free and ADA Accepted

  • Made in USA

  • Vegan

  • BPA free

  • Cruelty Free

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 1.07.02 PM.png
Biodegradable Toothbrush

🍃 Created by a mama this toothbrush with firm bristles and a slightly smaller head reach the far places in the mouth where other brushes just won't fit into. Get a deeper clean for a brighter gleam

🌸 The brush to be slightly smaller at the head to reach the places in the mouth that other brushes just won't fit into. Pair it with our Whitening Toothpaste, and even those pesky back teeth will be remineralized and revitalized.

The bristles are firm enough to hold their shape but they aren't so stiff that they hurt your gums! Comfortable, effective, and eco-friendly.🌿

Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 11.56.37 AM.png
Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush 


humble Brush has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. the bristles are made of nylon-6 bristles from Dupont. the packaging is eco-friendly, the box and inside wrapper are made from recycled materials, and can be thrown out with the organic trash.


These eco-friendly toothbrushes are made with 100% biodegradable bamboo handles. The Bristles are BPA Free with Nylon 6 bristles, verified to be free from the toxic BPA. Comes in a 100% recyclable box and the inside wrapper is made from plants and is compostable.

🌸These biodegradable toothbrushes clean just as well as plastic toothbrushes but are made from mother earth’s best invention, bamboo. The brushes are natural and recommended use is 3 months just like any other old toothbrush. 


bamboo handle
nylon-6 bristles
natural wax (vegan)