Organic Toothbrush

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Do you know that every plastic toothbrush you have used in your life still exists?

Yes, even the toothbrush you used when you were a child, is still there along with all the other toothbrushes you used. Over 5 Billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year worldwide. Plastic never biodegrades because it is not part of nature’s food chain. To use and dispose of plastic toothbrushes is a habit that cannot sustainably continue.


🌿If you are shocked as me then here is what we can do: from now on let’s use only toothbrushes made with eco-friendly, sustainable sources such as silicone, bamboo, wood, and plastic-free bristles. Stop supporting big polluting brands that keep producing plastic toothbrushes without being responsible for what they are causing to our planet and living species, especially marine life. 

Bamboo toothbrushes: are biodegradable. Bamboo, like other woods, degrades naturally and has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal material to make toothbrushes out of and to replace your old polluting plastic toothbrushes with. 

💚My favorites are here. 🌸🌿

I recommend the first listed on this page:

The world’s most hygienic and eco-friendly toothbrush!

Made with Medical-grade silicone100% biodegradable materials!

organic silicone electric toothbrush, eco-friendly, organic toothbrush, pink
FOREO ISSA™ 3 Eco-friendly Toothbrush

⭐️ The world’s most hygienic and eco-friendly toothbrush!

The very best oral care for your smile!

Finally, an electric toothbrush made without plastic or other unsustainable material: made with Medical-grade silicone

The most advanced and intuitive electric toothbrush out there.

The 4-in-1 toothbrush - for teeth, tongue, cheeks & gums

Say ‘1, 2, ISSA™ 3!’, and let those pearly whites shine.

🍃Meet the brush that lasts for a whole year on a single USB charge & allows you to use a natural brushing gesture while experiencing electric brush results. And it doesn't damage your gums!

🍃With 16 speeds of sonic pulses & a new hybrid wave brush head, ISSA™ 3 features 2x stronger ultra-soft medical-grade silicone & PBT polymer bristles that remove 30% more plaque & gently massage gums, while the tongue & cheek cleaner on the back helps improve overall oral health by 140%.