How to check if a cutting board is safe?

here is how to find organic, safer, and non-toxic cutting boards. 

There are several kinds of cutting boards:

Plastic: it is the worse of all, besides being not eco-friendly, they could release plastic, BPA, and phthalates in your food. Since cutting boards when wet create a bacteria habitat, they could contain the antibacterial chemical triclosan. 

Epicurean: these cutting boards are made with layers of paper. They are not one piece. Glue and bacteria are issues.

Bamboo: it is controversial since it could contain unsafe glue. It could be ok only if the bamboo has been grown organically and the glue used is not toxic

Wood: the one-piece wood cutting board is the best option especially if the chopping blocks are made from FSC Certified wood plantations. They are one piece and they don't need glue. Also, it needs to have a non-toxic finish.

Oil finish: they are mineral oil or a blend of undisclosed ingredients. Made by petroleum sources and fossil fuels.

Which is the safest cutting board?

So what we want is a:

  • thick, sturdy, and not slippery one piece of wood 

  • with no glue or mineral oil

  • made of sustainable solid wood

Here they are:

Prime Teak Wood Cutting Board Cured with Pure Beeswax & Organic Coconut Oil
Organic cutting board brands

After researching I finally found this brand that makes cutting boards from One piece of natural wood that eliminates the use of unsafe and glues!

No mineral oil: only USDA-certified organic coconut oil to protect and preserve the board.

🌿Natural waterproof material: beeswax, natural waterproof that is antiseptic and anti-fungal.

They are made with 67% less energy than average, they are packed in 100% plastic-free and biodegradable packaging. 

🌿NON-TOXIC CUTTING BOARD. Free of BPA, phthalates, and formaldehyde-based adhesives present in plastic, bamboo, and substandard wood cutting boards

🌿CRAFTED TO LAST FOR 50 YEARS AND BEYOND: made from prime teak, a premium hardwood praised for its durability and unique natural properties

🌿MADE WITH NATURAL MATERIALS: pure beeswax and natural oils to avoid distillates of petroleum-like mineral oil. This mix increases wood's water resistance by 90%

🌿PLANET-FRIENDLY: made from FSC Certified teak plantations and came in plastic-free packaging. We use 67% less energy than conventional kitchenware

MATERIAL: Natural, Teak, walnut, and cherry, USDA organic certified coconut oil, beeswax.

Organic cutting board brands
Cutting Board

These beautiful traditional, edge-grain boards are hand-shaped from hard maple, the hardest and finest-grained North American lumber that's perfect for cutting boards. Meanwhile, the end-grain boards, which show the growth rings on the top cutting surface, are cut from a local oak tree and finished with natural oil. Each order includes a free bottle of linseed oil so you can easily renew the shine and protect your board after scuffs and slices in the kitchen. 

The silicone feet keep it from sliding on the countertop.

it is ​very smooth and look beautiful

  • one block of wood

  • local sustainable lumber 

  • glue-free

  • Finish Oil: organic flaxseed oil and organic carnauba wax.

MATERIAL: Natural maple or ash and white oak cutting blocks, organic flaxseed oil, and organic carnauba wax.

NOTE: since they are a little bit costly I am waiting from them to create a promo code. check this page later and follow me on my social media for the promo code release.