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organic BB cream 100% pure
 BB Cream Shade 20 Aglow SPF 15

🌸My favorite BB (blemish balm) cream is made by 100% pure. It gives you a beautifying, natural look with its 1000s of light reflective pigments and illuminating effect with full to medium coverage. ✨ It is moisturizing and makes the skin glow without a heavy look! It comes in three shades and has a non-nano mineral SPF 15, so you can wear it all day long! 💃
It has no fragrance and other unsafe ingredients such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, Lilian, BHT, or Methylsothislzonine, commonly found in popular BB cream brands! 🍃 This BB cream is made with natural ingredients like Organic Aloe, Shea Butter, Lavender, Sweet Cherry, Raspberry. Vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA! 💆 💕

organic matte lipstick 100% pure
100% Pure Cocoa Semi-Matte Lipsticks 

😍I mean, did you try these lipsticks? These are known as fruit pigmentation lipsticks: they are incredibly clean and full of colors all made with fruit! ​
​ ​🍒By far my favorite lipstick brand and I won’t put anything else on other than these lipsticks because they are the cleanest and prettiest around! ✨If you are like me and prefer to put only natural ingredients on your lips you’ll find a great collection on their website. ✨Here they are: ​​
​​🌸Matte finish Mirage color ​​
​NEW 🍓Strawberry Cactus
​🍒Made with organic cocoa, Shea butter, cherry, pomegranate, blueberry, grape, peach, rose petals! ​
​💖All-natural, gluten-free, cruelty-free and made in the USA! Incredibly long-lasting colors, they keep your lips moisturized and glamorous all day long! With such a natural great alternative, who needs conventional lipsticks? ​😉

​ ​ ​ ​

organic facial scrub 100% pure
100% Pure Organic Facial Scrub

🌿The most favorite Organic Facial Scrub of mine and the favorite of many others! ​​
​ ​​🌿First because it is USDA Certified Organic. It translates into: no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. Its processing, production, and handling meet the USDA labeling standards that protect the environment.
​🌎This means there is no Greenwashing here, just a pure organic scrub made with the best ingredients produced with the best eco-friendly way. ​​
​ ​ ​🌿Like a tropical smoothie, it is made only with natural, edible superfood ingredients such as Grape seeds, Acai, Coffee, Goji, Elderberry, Yumberry, Mangosteen, and Bergamot. ​
​​⭐️One of the best on the market, this exfoliant is full of anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It is concentrated, so you’ll need a very small quantity. Apply it on wet skin on your face and body. Your skin will glow!

organic primer 100% pure
Organic Luminous Primer 

😍I know! 100% Pure makes you want to have all their products! My favorite Primer is made by 100% pure. It gives you a beautifying, natural look with its light reflective pigments. It is moisturizing and it covers imperfections without a heavy look. It has no silicone like many Primers, so you don’t need to be concerned about clogging your pores or trapping dirt, sweat, bacteria, and sebum in your skin. ​🍒Luminous Primer, with its antioxidants, anti-aging properties, and fruit pigmentations, it diffuses pores and illuminates your face with long lasting effects.
It is amazingly pure, made with natural ingredients like: Organic Aloe Juice, Jojoba oil, Green Tea Leaf, Red Wine Resveratrol, Avocado Butter, with Vitamins C and E. ​
​ ​✨Made in the USA, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, eco-packaging. 💖 ​​

organic sheet maks 100% pure
100% Pure Sheet Masks

😍Did you try them? Can’t wait to use these pretty 100% pure mask sheets made with natural ingredients and sustainable bamboo cloth.
🌺Deep Hydration Mask: refreshes the skin with long-lasting hydrating cucumber, aloe, chamomile, ylang-ylang
🌸Does It All masks: increases circulation and oxygen flow with caffeine and carrot seed oil, pomegranate oil and rosehip oil.
🌷Collagen Boost Mask: promotes collagen & elastin with a cocktail of grapefruit and orange and aloe.
🌿Wrinkle Smooth Mask: reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles,
with CoQ10, Vitamin C and green tea. ​​
​🌟Which one is your favorite? Mine... I will let you know soon!

organic matte lipsticks 100% pure
100% Pure Cocoa Semi-Matte Lipsticks 

The most natural lipsticks around. The only lipsticks brand that I use personally! Here the semi-matte, opaque, & long-wearing lipstick. 100% PURE's innovative all-natural formula ensures your lip color always looks vibrant, rich and full, never dry. Formulated with healthy fruit pigments and a nourishing blend of  organic cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E to moisturize while providing intensely rich color.

Vegan, cruelty free

Here my favorite Semi-Matte Lipsticks colors! 

From the left: 

🍒 Sonora

🌺 Prickly Pear

🌵 Cactus Bloom 

organic eye masks 100% pure
100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask

💚Have you tried this Bright Eyes Mask from 100% Pure yet? They are a favorite of many, made with nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients that help to restore a fresher and brighter look!
🍃Made with Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Organic Green Coffe, cucumber! They hydrate while de-puff the eye area! 💦You can put them in refrigerator to add a refreshing effect! They are great for undereye circles as well!
🌸100% natural, made with organic ingredients, vegan! 

organic eye cream 100% pure
100% Pure Organic Eye Cream 

Looking for an all organic eye cream that works? You found it!

🌿 @100pure makes four different eye creams, but this one is my favorite.

While three are made with natural ingredients, one is actually USDA Certified Organic.

✨It works great on my sensitive skin, nourishing while protective. With a non-greasy formula, it absorbs into the skin completely. It has no fragrances added and the best part is that it contains organic superfood ingredients.

🍒Organic avocado, Organic pomegranate oil, Organic Goji berry, Organic Elderberry Organic Plum, and Organic Acai oil are just some of the ingredients in this smoothie-like cream.

Super concentrated and full of antioxidants, vitamins, and powerful nutrients that only nature can provide!

Certified Organic, Made in the USA, Cruelty-Free, Fragrance-Free, Sustainable, and super pretty!💖

organic nail polish 100% pure
Creamy Nail Polish 10-free


 💅🏻Are you looking for a safer nail polish? Take a look at my favorite nail polish! It is "10-free" free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and animal ingredients. I try to avoid nail polish as much as I can but when I want to wear it this is the cleanest I found! 💕 creamy nail polish in color Juice and Tomato! 🌷Vegan, Gluten-free. 

organic mascara 100% pure
Maracuja Natural Mascara

🌸My favorite mascara is made by 100% pure! Made with only natural ingredients, colored from black tea leaves, berries and cocoa!
🍃Maracuja mascara not only is free of irritating chemicals or harsh ingredients, it actually delivers conditioning nutrients to the lashes. 🍃With organic aloe juice and pro vitamin B5, it creates volume, shapes the lashes while giving them a healthier look! It also smells good!
💕From 100% pure Instagram account: "Have you tried our NEW Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer? Be one of the first 10 verified-purchasers to leave a detailed review on our website and receive a FREE MYSTERY SET inside an adorable bunny clutch (a $110 value)! Once you write your review, direct message us a screenshot along with your name, email, and mailing address. We'll reach out to all verified-purchasers to confirm their free gift! Open to US only, 18+, gift set products may vary."

organic brow serum builder 100% pure
Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

🌸Did you try the Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder by 100% Pure? This brow mascara is designed to sculpt and build brow shape for a more defined look! It is made only with natural ingredients, such as Green Tea, Cocoa butter, calendula, lavender, thyme, and rosemary.
🌸It adds volume, thanks to green leaf tea and Pro Vitamins B5 and E, which strengthen brows! Since it first came out, it has become a favorite of many.
🌸The applicator distributes the perfect quantity of pigments for super definition! With this Green Tea Brow Builder, who needs a professional? 👸