Acne Prone Skin

💕 If you are looking to heal acne, open pores, and blackheads naturally, this page is for you. Conventional acne products work by drying your skin out to shrink the bump. This leads to peeling and a longer healing time. Instead, the products listed here are made with natural ingredients, they heal by nourishing and purifying the skin.

Here you will find the safest and most natural spot treatments, blemish products, and natural acne and patch designed for surfaced acne and whiteheads,  for “hot spots” like your chin, nose, and cheek where acne clusters break out.

If you are looking to reduce the size of your pores this blog has helpful tips.


💕 I also recommend using regularly a delicate and natural scrub, my favorites are listed here

Check your diet, avoid processed food and choose organic food

If you need extra help,  pamper yourself with an organic facial, they are reopening!