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Spatty: zero-waste tool

Spatty Eco-friendly  Cosmetic Tool 

🌺Do you know how you can make your favorite beauty products last longer?! So much of your beauty product is left behind inside a cosmetic container that according to Consumer Reports is estimated to be about 25%! ​
🌿Yes, we basically throw away all this product just because we cannot reach it or see it. This entrepreneur found a simple way to catch every last drop of unused product with this pretty beauty tool. Thanks to the flexible tip, it moves easily around the curves and corners of the containers allowing you to extract the remaining product. ​
✨Great for serum, toner, lotion, cream, conditioner, sunscreen, primer, foundation, BB cream, concealer, and skin corrector. They can even be used for other things, such as baby and kitchen products as well. ​
🌟With this, we can recuperate all unused products, reduce waste, and save 25% on the cost of the product! After 2 bottles of $20 each, you could save an average of $10 with it. 
FDA approved BPA-free, Dishwasher safe, and made in the USA.😉

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