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Organic  Miami

Organic Bites Miami
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💚Organic Bites™ is an organic and seasonal restaurant that wants to make a difference.

They strive to have their customers feel comfortable in a healthy and fresh environment. They offer an impressive, varied and tasteful menu, of which they are very proud. Many think that organic food is expensive. Their menu challenges this misconception.

💚Located in Miami's Upper East Side on Biscayne and 70th, their main objective is to educate and inform everyone of the reality of the food industry in the US.

Organic Bites™ is not only a choice to eat healthier, more flavorful, and affordable food but also as a choice for our customers to take greater care of themselves.
🍃Organic Bites™: Once upon a time all food was organic

💚100% organic, pure and simple, it can’t get cleaner than this!

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