Thrive Market

Thrive Market

💗 Thrive Market is the first socially conscious online marketplace offering the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. Think Costco meets Whole Foods online.

Since using Thrive Market, I started to save in my monthly grocery expenses, even with their membership fee.

The membership is offered on a yearly basis for $59.95 or a monthly basis for $9.95.

💚 This innovative marketplace offers healthy brands and my favorites are Amy's,  Nutiva,
Dr.Bronner’s, Eden Foods, Annie’s Homegrown, Earth’s Best, Seventh Generation, Garden of Life, Jason Naturals and many more of the highest-quality premium brands and products to everyone at 25-50% below retail prices.

💗 At 25-50% off retail, most Thrive Market members will make back their membership fee in savings within their first 2 orders. That leaves a year of savings and buying goods you can afford.


Thrive Market offers free shipping on all orders over $49. The average cost ofshipping on orders under $49 is approximately $5.

💚 All packaging, boxes and inserts are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. Thrive Market is committed to supporting other sustainable businesses by working with eco-friendly vendors and suppliers who share our values. Thrive Market is 100% carbon neutral through This certification covers national shipping, packaging materials, warehouse utilities and the commutes of Thrive employees.


💗 Thrive Market has shown me that you can pay less for the same products that I might otherwise pick up at my local Whole Foods Market. The convenience with Thrive Market is they are up to 50% off and they deliver straight to your door. The orders arrive fast and perfectly packed, most of the items ordered arrive with a bonus gift. They send email when free products are available. Thrive has great details about their products and it's possible to read reviews from other Thrive members! Even their packaging is so cute! 💚 💗

Thrive Market is more than an online store; it’s a place to learn and be
inspired. Thrive Daily, Thrive Market’s content site  features articles and stories from top experts and thought leaders in the field in addition to delicious recipes, DIY ideas, money-saving tips, and healthy tips to help you thrive every day.

Thrive Market Dishwasher Detergent 

🍃 💕Are you looking for a safe dishwasher detergent? 💕This is my favorite one, it has the cleanest ingredients I was able to find.
It is non-toxic, fragrance-free, phosphates-free, bleach-free, no palm kernel oil, hypoallergenic, safe for kids and pets! It cleans my dishes and makes my kitchen a safe environment!
Finally a safe and responsible dishwasher detergent! 

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Sodium Sulfate, Enzyme.

These packs are easy to use and are fragrance-free. For me, it is important to no add any fragrance to my dishes.  

💚TIP: If you have hard water add organic white vinegar as a natural rinse aid! Or If you really need to add scent just add a half-cut lemon and insert it on the top rack for a natural fragrance.😉

Check if the performance of the dishwasher detergent is not altered by adding them, because like it this detergent works great!!

🍃 💕This Automatic Dish Detergent Packs take the dirty work out of dishwashing using plant- and mineral-based ingredients that leave your plates, glasses, and silverware squeaky clean and sparkling. The biodegradable formula is tough on grease & grime while remaining gentle on the planet. Simply pop one in, sit back, and relax (no scrubbing required!).

Who told us that natural dishwasher detergent won't work well as conventional, toxic, polluting ones? This detergent works great!!

You can find it only on Thrive Market and with my link, you will get a discount code and other benefits.

🍃 biodegradable, 🍃 compostable,🍃 Vegan, 🍃 safe for septic tank,

🍃 fragrance -free, 🍃 plant-based, 🍃 dye color addictive free,🍃 SLS free 

USDA Certified Organic Apple Sauce
USDA Certified Organic Apple Sauce

🍏 This is the purest apple sauce I have found. It has only one ingredient: organic apples! Made with USA apples 🇺🇸 
🌿 It is made without all the added ingredients usually found in apple sauce, such as ascorbic acid, added sweeteners, and citric acid (once derived from Italian citrus fruit, now derived from a type of mold).
🍃Thrive Market apple sauce is Certified organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, paleo, vegan, no added sugars or artificial ingredients, gluten-free, preservative-free, BPA-free packaging.
💚 It tastes so yummy 😋

INGREDIENTS: Organic Apples

You can find this product only at Thrive Market and with

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USDA Certified organic Plant based protein powder Nutiva
Nutiva USDA Certified  Organic Plant Protein

🌸Delicious pancakes made with Organic Plant Protein

😋  You can add this organic powder to your drinks, smoothies, or pancakes for extra nutrition!
🌿Made with all plant-based organic ingredients, such as organic pea, organic pumpkin, organic sunflower, organic chia, organic fruits, and probiotics, with a vanilla flavor!

It is perfect both before or after a workout! 💃🏻
Certified organic, non GMOs, certified vegan, certified gluten-free, no stevia, made in the USA! 🌿

INGREDIENTS: Organic protein blend (organic pea protein, organic sunflower protein, organic pumpkin protein, organic hemp protein), organic creamer base (organic coconut milk powder, organic inulin, monk fruit extract), organic natural flavors, fruit and vegetable blend (spinach, broccoli, carrot, beet, shitake mushroom, tomato, apple, cranberry, orange, blueberry, strawberry), himalayan sea salt, organic cinnamon, d-alpha-tocopherol (vitamin e), bifidobacterium longum,†* enzyme blend (protease, amalyse, lipase, cellulase, papain, bromelain)

This products is 36% off on Thrive Market 

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organic vengan candies, caramels bone char free
Cocomels Organic Dairy-Free Caramels

🐣 Looking for an Easter treat that doesn't compromise your gluten-free and dairy-free diet?
🍬The award winning caramels s my favorite sweet treat, made with organic coconut milk, organic sweeteners, sea salt, and xanthan gum! The healthiest candy around!
🍭They are vegan, their cane sugar is not bleached with bone char, great news for my Vegan friends!

  • Certified organic,

  • gluten-free,

  • dairy-free,

  • no corn syrup,

  • soy-free,

  • palm oil free

  • bone char free 

  • non-GMO,

  • and incredibly delicious! 😋🍬

They are up 20% off on Thrive Market

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Earth Mama Organic Shampoo Unscented

💛 Earth Mama.  Mamas out there, did you try this organic, delicate shampoo & body wash? 🐻 This gentle Castile Soap comes in three different versions.💛Organic Vanilla and Sweet Orange 💜Organic Vanilla and Calming Lavender

💚Non-Scented for the sensitive ones. Certified organic by OTCO, they are perfect for the whole family! I use it personally! I was looking for a shampoo made without synthetic fragrance, antibacterial chemicals, phthalates, parabens, or harsh sulfates because other shampoos were so itchy!! 🌷This is so delicate and it is not drying and it calms down scalp problems leaving the hair light and voluminous!

🍃Made with all-natural Castile-based soap and organic ingredients: organic potassium cocoate, organic potassium olivate, organic aloe, organic vanilla, organic Shea and calendula! For long hair, you may need to use more since it comes in a foam dispenser, but it is very affordable! Yay!

🌸🍃 You can get it at Thrive Market at  28% off. The cheapest price I have found (almost half off compared to Whole Foods)

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Artisana Organic Raw Almond

Looking for a healthy snack on the go? ✈️⛵️ Congratulations, you found certified organic raw almond nut butter from Artisana Organics 🌰 that is conveniently packed for travel or anywhere use.

Artisana doesn't use sweeteners or other additives. The only ingredient is just one: organic raw almonds, produced with a low temperature grinding process to keep its freshness and nutrients. 

Made in the USA, a product of California☀️ in a peanut, gluten, dairy, and soy-free facility!

🌴  The jar is 15% off  on Thrive Market

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Nutiva Organic Hazelnut Spread

✨Organic Nutella is here! Made with organic hazelnut, organic chia seeds, organic cocoa, organic flaxseeds, and organic coconut oil! 🌰 40% less sugar than traditional Nutella, and 450 mg omega-3 with 5g of fiber.  This chocolate 🍫hazelnut spread is organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO's and fair trade certified! 🌰🥖
Available in classic and dark versions! You can find it at Thrive Market and with my link get an extra 15% off your first purchase! 🍩 Ready to transform your chocolate toast, cupcakes, pancakes, mousse, hot chocolate ☕️ 🍪 😋 I had it with almond quesadilla! Delicious!!

NOTE ABOUT PALM OIL: Nutiva organic and fair trade red palm oil is sustainably sourced from small organic family farms in Ecuador and does not lead to deforestation or harm to orangutans. The palm kernel oil (conflict palm oil) comes from Indonesia and Malaysia and it is responsible for rainforest destruction and human rights abuses. Many companies (like Nutella) use the conflict palm oil under different names such as "vegetable oil", so be sure to read the labels! 💚 💗

They are  is 28% off  on Thrive Market

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Preserve Eco-Friendly Razor 

🌸 The EPA estimates that two billion razors go into landfills each year!

For this summer season, find more eco-friendly alternatives, such as electric shavers or recycled razors!
🌸 I found this razor made with recycled yogurt cups! The blades and more than 90% of the handle are made in the USA!

🍃 Designed for men and women, the razor's cartridge comes with five ceramic-coated blades for a very close shave.

The lubricant strip, infused with cocoa butter and Aloe, helps prevent razor burn and it soothes sensitive skin! The packaging is a reusable travel case!

🐰No animal testing!
It is 31% off on Thrive Market

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Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment

🍃 COCOKIND.  Finally, a natural, actually organic way to treat blemishes, acne and uneven pigment skin areas! We don’t need to use toxic or aggressive lotions full of chemicals or alcohol anymore, we can now heal our skin in a holistic way!
🍃 This Turmeric Spot treatment has five potent natural ingredients that help to fight inflammation, including hormonal blemishes! Organic turmeric, organic tea tree oil, organic ginger root, organic beeswax and organic sunflower, 100% natural and 100% USDA certified organic!
🍃 It can’t get cleaner than this! It fights acne-causing bacteria while soothing and calming irritated skin area leaving your skin balanced and restored!
🍃 Directly from nature and packed by Cocokind for us, On Thrive Market is ($6.79 save 24%), and with my link, you will receive an extra 25% off your first order!

I already got mine!🙋🏻 

Amazon link 

Oils like soybeans, corn, safflower, sunflower and canola, sustain oxidative damage during their high-temperature processing, and are vulnerable to damage from heat, light, and oxygen! ​🙈Conventional Canola Oil is often found in many food products and according to THE FOOD BABE, it is a cheap, unhealthy, GMO oil! It is extracted from rapeseed plant using a solvent called hexane and it is highly processed!🙊 Canola has become one of the most genetically modified crop! Also canola oil is a goitrogen: it interferes with the thyroid gland. According to Dr. Cate (nutrition director for the Los Angeles Lakers), “consuming vegetable oils is like eating radiation” ​🙈Many restaurants, even the hormone and antibiotics-free restaurants, still use canola oil and other unhealthy refined oils. This is a reason why I prefer to skip eating out! Next time you eat at the restaurant ask which oils they use. It is our right to know what we eat! I try to educate restaurant managers as much as I can! ​

🍃You can also consider taking your own salad dressing into the restaurant (it is allowed)! Better choices are extra olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. ​I prefer to avoid canola oil and other highly refined oils and for this reason, I use this delicious 100% Pure Avocado Oil, Cold-Pressed From The Fruit of Premium, Sunkissed California Avocados! ☀️ ​💚 For high heat, Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil made with the good fats and with very high smoke point of 400 degrees Fahrenheit! This avocado oil is Paleo approved, Vegan, Gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and ketogenic-diet friendly. It is perfect for sautéing, baking, stir-frying, roasting, and for salads! I hope more restaurants start to offer us soon better and higher quality cooking oils! ​ It is 23% off on Thrive Market

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California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
Organic Soy & Canola oil-free Mayonnaise

This is the only USDA Organic Mayonnaise that I was able to find without canola oil and soy-free! 🍃

Conventional Canola Oil is often found in food products and according to The food babe, it is a cheap, unhealthy, GMO oil! It is extracted from rapeseed plant using a solvent called hexane and it is highly processed! Canola has become one of the most genetically modified crops! (If you choose to use canola oil food products check that they are USDA organic, or non-GMO certified!)
I prefer to avoid canola oil and for this reason, I use this organic, healthier, and delicious mayonnaise!

🍃 This organic mayonnaise is made with organic sunflowers oil, certified human and free-range egg yolks, water, organic lemon juice, organic distilled vinegar, salt, organic ground mustard, organic black pepper! USDA certified organic, non-GMO verified,

K certified, gluten-free certified, soy-free, recyclable glass jar and made in the USA! It tastes great 😋 💕

It is 20% off on Thrive Market

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SafeCatch Low Mercury Tuna 

💠 I stopped eating tuna for years, because of the high mercury level in it. I prefer to eat wild salmon, since it is considered safer! Recently, after watching a Shark Tank episode, I found SafeCatch tuna! 🎉

This tuna is tested to a mercury limit of 0.100 ppm, which is 10 times stricter than the FDA limit! 💦This makes this wild tuna as pure as wild salmon!

Also, this tuna retains omega 3s more than conventional tuna. It is hand-cut, BPA-free can, certified Kosher, non-GMOs, no additives or fillers, dolphin-safe🐬 (no dolphins get hurt).

It is the safest on the market and it tastes great! I only buy this one! Safer for kids, pregnancy.

It is 26% off on Thrive Market

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Nourish Organic Organic Face Cleanser

🌷 NOURISH ORGANIC Do you want to use an organic face cleanser, but you don't want to spend too much?!
🍃Great! You just found my favorite organic face cleanser by Nourish Organic for under $10! Made with organic aloe, organic coconut oil, organic sesame oil, organic cucumber and organic watercress extract! Suitable for all skin types, including delicate and sensitive skin.
🌸It is moisturizing and it gently removes impurities and makeup without drying! It is alcohol-free, fragrance-free and gluten-free, USDA certified organic, Vegan, Cruelty-free!

It is 33 % off on Thrive Market

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USDA Certified Organic Tea

Plastic-free, natural, or artificial flavors-free.

Organic naturally caffeine-free herbal tea, non-GMO, fair trade certified 🍃🌸🌼🍃🌺🌾🌿 You can get them for $3.75 at Thrive Market (32% less than Whole Foods Market)

It is 23% off on Thrive Market

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Cocokind Organics

💐 Do you want a gift for yourself without spending too much!? 🎉Here are some options:🍃Organic Matcha face moisturizer is all you need to keep your skin fresh, hydrated and rejuvenated, using only safe and organic ingredients: organic Matcha tea powder, organic coconut oil, organic pomegranate oil, and organic bergamot oil.🍃Another favorite of mine is their Organic Chlorophyll mask, made with organic spirulina, organic wheatgrass, organic chlorella powder, and organic ylang oil! A superfood combination that makes your skin glowing and refreshed every time! Choosing a USDA certified organic product, you know that it is made with at least 95% organic ingredients, you know that its production, handling, processing, and labeling meet the USDA/NOP strict standard that protects the environment! 🌎 By choosing USDA certified organic beauty care, you are supporting responsible organic companies that make safer beauty products, while reducing the conventional demand! 🍃Cocokind is one of my favorite brands: certified organic,100% clean and responsible company run by a super woman! Made with integrity and respect for us and the environment. 🌍 USDA organic, cruelty-free, fair trade and vegan certified, and tested by me! 💁🏻

It is 23% off on Thrive Market

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