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Here is what you can do thanks to Lomi:

1. Feed Your Home Garden with organic fertilizer.

Adding Lomi Earth to your garden is a great way of providing your plants with natural fertilizer to help them grow bigger and healthier.

Lomi Home Composter
Lomi Home Composter review and promo code

🎉Today is National Learn About Composting Day! And here is my favorite way to compost:
💚Lomi is my favorite and number one composter recommendation
🌿it allows me to transform kitchen scraps into organic food for plants and gardens.
It prevents sending this useful waste to collect in the landfill while generating methane. Instead, it will allow us to create our own organic fertilizer🌱
👉Not only we can reuse these scraps and leftovers, but I also use Lomi to compost my favorite plant-based products such as Repurpose and

Eco Gloves.
✅This is the best eco-friendly, sustainable, responsible, and affordable way to reuse and regenerate our waste. It so so satisfactory and fun to be able to compost at home!
🌿It is rewarding knowing that we are creating organic food for our plants and garden while keeping our house cleaner, fresher, trash bin, and landfill lighter.
💚Lomi is an environmental hero!

Lomi Home Composter
Lomi Home Composter review and promo code

🍃This is the best sustainable, eco-friendly, and fun investment you’ll ever make in your kitchen.

In just 4 hours, Lomi transforms almost anything you eat into nutrient-rich plant food. This will save time, and smell while saving money for organic pesticides for your indoor plants or garden!

🍃Plus you will keep trash bins in the kitchen, the trash cans outdoors and the garbage disposal cleaner, lighter, and no food odors or leaks around.

Plus it is so rewarding knowing you are creating something useful for yourself, your plants, and the environment from your food leftovers and other compostable items!

🍃What is amazing is you will not contribute to the accumulation of your trash from the kitchen to your bins and then to the trash company that picks it up with gas-polluting tracks to then dispose of it in a landfill.

Instead, you can have fun while being sustainable, and responsible while turning your garden healthier!

I have so much satisfaction when using LOMI to compost my certified home compostable nitrile gloves (the only ones I know of you can compost at home) so I can be double eco-friendly! I recommend that to anyone! LOMI is great also for Repurpose products that are also certified home compostable! My fav compostable products for the kitchen and parties!

For a 50% off Lomi Skylight use my code PRETTYORGANICGIRL 

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