Organic Baby Laundry 

The majority of cleaning products you will find at conventional grocery stores or online are chemically based and have strong artificial scents and harsh ingredients.

🙊 They are mainly chemicals and even their bright colors look so unnatural.

🙈 Check your current glass cleaner toxicity rate on

You will find there all the popular brands such as Windex, Clorox, CVS, Up & Up, and Glass Plus, all with a very low rating. 
​ ​🌎 As an environmentalist, for me, it is important that the cleaning products I use are made respecting nature, animals, and are made with eco-friendly ingredients.

🌿 Household cleansers listed in this page are USDA Certified Organic:  it needs to be at least 95% organic and it has to pass strict safty and environmental rules.

Only USDA-Certified Organic products can display the USDA Organic logo. ​
🍃 No-toxic chemicals🍃 no GMOs🍃 hypoallergenic🍃 no animal testing🍃 fragrance-free, only organic essential oils

🍃 100% recyclable bottles made with sustainable sugar cane🍃 safer for kids and pets and you know what…it cleans perfectly fine without the need for conventional ingredients! It is great to turn your home  a safer place for your baby 🌺 

Meliora Organic Laundry Powder

🍃This laundry powder is your go-to people- and planet-friendly laundry option. We only use what you need to clean your clothes.  

They are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and brighteners.

From their original Unscented, or our Lavender, Lemon, or Lemon-Lavender-Clove scented options. 

All scents are made from Certified Organic essential oils; no fragrance blends that contain undisclosed ingredients.

Each item is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and MADE SAFE Certified. 1% of every sale goes towards environmental causes.

🌿 Here is their difference:

✓MADE-SAFE Certified 

✓ Single-Use Plastic-F