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Nice to meet you!

My name is Susanna,  I'm an organic blogger and social media influencer passionate about an organic lifestyle, based in Los Angeles.

I am an environmentalist, activist motivated to respect and protect OUR health and the health of our planet.

My mission is educating YOU, my readers, and followers about safer and eco-friendly products versus conventional ones.

I started to search for safer products and services more than a decades ago,  when I could not find an online page where I could shop only  certified organic brands under the same roof, I made one: PrettyOrganicGirl.com


PrettyOrganicGirl.com ranks highly in Google results when searching for something organic or eco-friendly, and that's is maybe why you found me!

I'm also an editor at the Los Angeles-based sustainable magazine Eco- Coco and my dream is to open Prettyorganicgirl retail stores so I can reach many more of you!


Originally from Italy, I enjoy the sunny California life, while spotting and looking for new organic discoveries!







The Blog



​Welcome to all my PrettyOrganicGirls! We are changing the world!


As consumers every time we shop we can either contribute to pollution or rewards sustainable manufacturing.

It is my mission to educate and influence people on making eco-friendly choices that reward yourself and protect the planet.


I am motivated to influence everyone in making eco-conscientious decisions by knowing that their choices have a personal, social, and environmental impact. By doing so, we are reshaping the market demand, production, and economy, while improving people's lives and our planet's health.

The quality of our environment,  the land we live in, the air we breathe,e and the water we drink, are in contact with us every day.  Our health is a result of our actions.


I believe we are powerful and when we combine our make responsible choices!

I believe that when we shop organic we are choosing to reward with our wallet brands that respect us and our health while sending a message to the conventional-toxic and greenwashing that want to sell us not authentic green products brand that we demand better products!


When we shop for eco-friendly sustainable and green products,  we are shaping the market demand while influencing other companies to offer safer products.

By shopping USDA Certified Organic

  • we are buying safer products for us and the planet,

  • we are rewarding sustainable brands,

  • we are shaping the market demand for cleaner products,

  • we are inspiring more eco companies to come out,  

  • we sending back a message to the greenwashing companies that they do have not access to our wallet

  • we are forcing conventional companies to do better!

 Incredible right?!

PrettyOrganicGirl.com  brings smarts and powerful consumers like you and diligent companies under the same roof. You will find here only companies and eco-entrepreneurs that I respect and agree with their vision personally. You will find only the best and most eco-friendly products or services of their kind here and you will learn a lot about them, from organic skincare, organic makeup, organic beauty care, organic hair care, organic oral care, organic home organic food, organic clothing, organic products for men, organic kids products,  organic pets supplies, organic restaurants and services and more.

It is great to respect companies that respect us! You will feel rewarded knowing that you are becoming an environmental hero that is saving the world!

That is what I do,  that's is why I created PrettyOrganicGirl.com, all eco-glam organic lifestyle for you, and our planet!



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