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 Hair Salons 

There are 250,000 salons in the United States, they create 421,000 pounds of waste per day. Excess color going down the drains, foils, cotton, saran wrap, hair, and color- -tubes are only a few examples of how this industry compromises our planet.

55 percent gets buried in landfills, 12.5 percent goes to incinerators and roughly 33 percent gets recycled.
Choose Hair Salons that partnered up with Green Circle Salons, a recycling program exclusively for salons.

Able to recycle over 80% of their waste. If every salon in the United States would get behind it, together they would be able to recycle 336,800 pounds per day.

Green Circle has partnered with an inmate reintegration program, paying the maximum wage available to them. All hair clippings are used to create hair booms. These booms are used in oil spills in the ocean and can soak up 5 times more oil than synthetic booms. Hair is also used to make temporary pillows in efforts to help with the refugee crisis and people in need.

Excess chemicals from color tubes and aluminum foils are being divided and recycled. The chemicals are then put into a centrifuge system that can separate the color and other chemicals from the water present. Up to 96% of water can be removed from this process and is cleaned and reintroduced back into the environment. The other 4% is used in clean energy and anything left over is added to asphalt.

With so much at stake, we want to inspire others to get enrolled as well.

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Naked Eye Beauty

💕✨ Organic and Eco-Conscious Beauty.

Naked Eye Beauty is a Private Salon Studio located in Pasadena and Glendora, specializing in ammonia-free hair color and personalized effortless haircuts.

🍃Jennifer Alden is a green beauty artist with a passion for using clean products, protecting the environment, and creating beautiful, natural hairstyles.

Naked Eye Beauty represents a belief that we should be able to see what ingredients we put on our bodies everyday with the naked eye. That means simple, plant-based beauty products with complete transparency and not hiding behind unnecessary preservatives, sulfates, and fragrances, and also respecting our furry friends by being completely cruelty free. I am also a proud member of Green Circle Salons, which helps me create a 95% ZERO waste salon by recycling and repurposing all of my waste used on a daily basis. I take great pride in creating an eco-friendly and clean-air environment for my clientele.

 BRANDS: InnerSense, Cult and King, Organic Colour Systems, Naked Eye Beauty

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Harper Hair Salon

💕✨ Organic and Eco-Conscious Beauty.

Harper hair Salon os founded by three women who realized the combined power of their talent, knowledge of the industry, and depth of experience would lead to a better salon environment for everyone, they aligned themselves with other creative and motivated professionals who are also invested in their client's well-being, the success of one another, and the community at large.  

🍃Inspired by Nikki, Nico and Carla’s personal stories, Harper Salon has been a platform to give back and impact the world in a meaningful way from the very beginning. To be environmentally conscious has always been a priority. We love creating beauty for our clients but we also love preserving the beauty that exists around us.

 BRANDS: InnerSense, Cult and King, Organic Colour Systems, Naked Eye Beauty

ADDRESS: 8259 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Blow & Fil Organic Hair Salon
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💇 This hair salon is super pretty plus you will find organic products here ⭐️👏

I enjoy seeing more responsible and sustainable places opening their doors to fulfill the requests of people seeking healthier places to be pampered! This place is just gorgeous with its elegant and comfortable atmosphere and it is run by an amazing owner! 

👯 They use natural products, health and beauty is sustained at the same time here.

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Sunset Plaza Salon
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💕✨ Located in the prestigious shopping and dining destination Sunset Plaza. With ample free parking for over 500 cars, Sunset Plaza Salon is a rare & and uniquely luxurious find in the heart of West Hollywood. Sunset Plaza Salon is a new venture recently acquired by Shay Dempsey, Louise Donegan, and Mike Dean located at 8600 W. Sunset, Los Angeles.

Sunset Plaza Salon is a brand new venture with world-renowned head Stylist and Creative Director Shay Dempsey at the helm.

🍃SPS is paving a new way in sustainability practices within the salon industry. SPS is a certified Green Circle Salon, has a refill station for organic, sustainable retail & and a commitment to as little single-use plastic as possible. They dedicate themselves to going above and beyond in creating a space where everyone here is safe from neurotoxins, chemical fragrances, carcinogens, and pollution.

At Sunset Plaza Salon, we believe that you don't have to compromise on performance or style to be environmentally responsible. Our products are carefully selected to ensure that they deliver exceptional results, without harming health or planet. We are dedicated to offering hair care solutions free from single-use plastics, harmful chemicals, and unnecessary waste.

BRANDS: Oway Organics, Unwrapped life, PF candle Co,GHD

ADDRESS: 8600 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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